Out to Pasture with Pie-O-My, Tony Soprano’s Beloved Horse
Out to Pasture with Pie-O-My, Tony Soprano’s Beloved Horse

The Jersey mob boss’ whacked horse is alive and well in New York’s Hudson Valley — so I paid her a visit in the Pony Protection Program

Alt-Right Extremists Are Using Livestreaming to Take Racist Attacks to a New Level
Alt-Right Extremists Are Using Livestreaming to Take Racist Attacks to a New Level

They’re not using platforms like Twitch as a place to organize and plot. They’re using it as a place to strike

‘Axie Infinity’ U: The Crypto Gaming Scholarships Putting Gen-Z Guys from the Developing World Through School
‘Axie Infinity’ U: The Crypto Gaming Scholarships Putting Gen-Z Guys from the Developing World Through School

Gamers in countries like the Philippines are getting paid to play video games on behalf of someone else, but the set-up may not last for long.

Woody Harrelson’s Daring Rise to Stardom in the 1990s
Woody Harrelson’s Daring Rise to Stardom in the 1990s

Graduating from ‘Cheers’ to the big screen, he constantly tested the limits of what a leading man could look like

The People v. Cap’n Crunch: Inside the Crunch Berry Lawsuits

Between 2007 and 2010, a number of misinformed consumers rained legal hell on Kellogg and PepsiCo when they discovered the companies’ kids’ cereals didn’t contain real fruit

Robbie Oz Has Perfected the Art of Sexy Edutainment for Men

Though anyone could benefit from his advice, Oz’s personal journey and sexual expertise make him a role model for men looking to be better in bed

When Everything Your Partner Does Suddenly Makes You Cringe — That’s ‘the Ick’

Your natural impulse will be to flee. But don’t. There’s far more to learn by confronting the ick head-on



Actually, the Internet Is an Iceberg

What a meme dating back to Sigmund Freud tells us about the nature of digital reality

The Incredibly Dangerous World of Viral ‘Cleaning Product ASMR’ Videos

The trend has people dumping every cleaning product they can find into their toilets and sinks, a seemingly fun activity that can actually kill you

Lights, Camera, Dick Drugs: Why Porn Stars Can Stay Hard Forever

It may seem like a superpower, but remaining erect for hours on end is a lot, um, harder than it looks

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How White People Can Celebrate Black History Month Without Making It Weird
Stop Scapegoating the Black Male Vote
Abolish ICE. Abolish Homeland Security. There’s No Doubt Left.
Let’s Break Down Ice Cube’s ‘Contract With Black America’

Best of MEL

Fox News Convinced Them COVID Was Fake. Then They Got Sick.

‘I have no doubt that President Trump and Fox News have caused people to die.’ This is what it’s like to lose your dad twice — first to Rush Limbaugh, then to the ICU as he battles a disease he believes is a hoax

The Afterlife of the Male Model

What happens to young men when they quit the modeling industry? While some exit the business gracefully, others take a nose dive, only to find salvation at the Cheesecake Factory

The Wild Ride of America’s Most Dangerous Theme Park

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Action Park — unofficially known as Class Action Park, Traction Park and Accident Park — was ‘Lord of the Flies’ with a Jersey twist and a higher death count

Racial Justice

Every Plantation in the Country Should Be Turned Into a Slavery Museum

Today, they’re either tourist traps or the backdrop for weddings. But like Auschwitz and the sites of other concentration camps in Europe, they need to serve a much bigger purpose — making sure that America never forgets the horror of slavery.

A Binge-Watching Guide to the New Black Film Archive

The very best of six decades of African-American cinematic art that has nothing to do with slavery, sexual assault and/or violent death

‘Candyman’ and the Ghosts of Public Housing

Chicago’s infamous Cabrini-Green housing project was the beating heart of 1992’s ‘Candyman.’ In reality, the violence wasn’t mythical at all — just the result of failed policies, over and over


What to Do with a Suit Jacket That’s Lost Its Pants

It may never be perfectly complete again, but it doesn’t need to be banished to the back of your closet either

Should I Roll or Fold My Underwear?

Don’t get your panties in a bunch — we have your answer right here

Why Do We Wear Underwear?

Should free-ballin’ be the norm instead?

The Manosphere

The Bewildering Search for a Male Utopia

Guys who dream of a perfectly ‘masculine’ society have just one problem — they already live in a man-made world

The Straight Line Between Zeitgeist: The Movie’s 9/11 Truth and the Modern Conspiracy Cult

The 2007 Peter Joseph film and the two movies that followed acted as the ball bearings that helped smooth the rise of anti-vaxxers and QAnon

The Steady Confidence of the ‘Yes Chad’

From his origins in racist 4chan threads, the blond, bearded cartoon has evolved into an icon of composure


The Year’s Sexiest, Kinkiest Movie Is Also a Twisted Story About Fatherhood

The controversial, award-winning ‘Titane’ will get audiences talking about gender fluidity and body horror. But don’t sleep on its surprisingly moving portrait of a middle-aged dad grappling with grief and diminished masculinity

Before There Was Tony Soprano, There Were Takeshi Kitano’s Depressed Mobsters

The legendary Japanese filmmaker’s yakuza may be hypermasculine tough guys, but they’re also big-time sad bois

‘I’m Your Man’ Wants You to Know There’s No Such Thing as the Perfect Man

This thought-provoking German drama subverts sci-fi and rom-com tropes to tell the story of a single woman who doesn’t fall in love with an android created to satisfy her every desire


Pinocchio is the Twink Princess Disney Forgot

Disney loves to make a big show of their new ‘LGBT characters,’ but it seems they forgot their skinny, androgynous and largely hair-free wooden boi from the 1940s

‘Genera+ion’ Is Post-‘It Gets Better’ TV. That’s a Good Thing.

It’s about time we finally have a TV show willing to say gay men sometimes suck

Is There Space for More Women in Gay Porn?

‘Right in front of my salad’ caused a shift in the industry, opening up new opportunities for women and drag queens. Porn’s rigid categories are getting blown up — but not everyone’s a fan


The Internet’s Foremost Pee Peddler Wants to Revolutionize Pest Control (With Piss)

Meet Skip Theobald, the purveyor of the ultimate one-stop online shop for discount animal urine

How Much Like Actual Butter Does Butter Lettuce Taste?

Is it all a bait-and-switch by Big Lettuce, or a nice way to sweeten up a healthy diet?

At What Point Does Constipation Become a Medical Emergency?

You’re gonna want a glass of prune juice for this



How Do You Console Someone Who’s Inconsolable?

It’s really hard to watch someone you care about struggle, but there are still ways you can be there for them when they’re at their lowest

How to Be There for Others When You’re Falling Apart Yourself

Showing up for family and friends while your own world is collapsing can be a critical part of your own healing process

The Lovely Benefits of Remaining Friends With Your Ex

Keeping close with former lovers isn’t for everyone, but if done right, it can produce an unrivaled friendship

Life in a Pandemic

The ‘Pureblood’ Trend Reveals Anti-Vaxxers’ Mystical Racism

Our next phase of pandemic denial is bogus medieval role-play

Therapists Now Have a Name for Our Post-Quarantine Social Anxiety

Are you experiencing dread about re-entering the world? You likely have a case of ‘cave syndrome’

Ivermectin is Hell on the Balls

Can you use it to treat COVID? No. Will it destroy your sperm and mutate their tiny little heads? Most definitely.


We Live in a Mattress Apocalypse

The pain of buying a non-foam mattress for less than $1,000 online is even worse than sleeping on one

McDonald’s Perpetually Broken Ice Cream Machines Are the Gold Standard of Late-Stage Capitalism

Customers and franchisees alike are being iced out by the fast-food chain’s refusal to fix their McFlurry machines

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Mental Health

Why We Turn Down the Radio While We’re Parking

The human brain may be amazing, but it can’t listen to Olivia Rodrigo and find a parking spot at the same time

Wait, Are MDMA and SSRIs the Same Thing?

Sure, they both boost serotonin, but taking antidepressants is a far different experience than rolling at a Skrillex show

How Stoner Journaling Changed My Whole Outlook on Weed

I set out to find the best strain, but instead, I, uh, found myself



Does Anyone Other Than Rocky Need to Drink Egg Whites?

Rocky didn’t need to do it either, did he?

What, Pray Tell, Is My Delicious Sausage Stuffed Inside?

Casings are made of all kinds of things, only some which will gross you out

Is Coffee Itself Packed with Calories, or Just Everything Else I’m Putting in There?

If you could just leave the beans alone, your coffee might actually help you lose weight

True Crime

The Accidental Poetry of Those Jacking Off Extortion Emails

A common scam and Google Translate are taking us to new heights of masturbatory metaphor

The Runaway Groom Who Crashed His Car, Pledged His Undying Loyalty to Trump and Fingered His Ass in Protest of His Arrest

A very Florida wedding day

Nightmare Fuel: How a Man Fell Asleep on the Street and Woke Up in a Mental Hospital

Joshua Spriestersbach was arrested, incarcerated and drugged even though he repeatedly told officials they had the wrong guy. How does something like this happen, and what can we do to prevent it from happening again?

Oral History

An Oral History of ‘Surf Ninjas’

In addition to being one of the only Hollywood films with a majority Asian cast, it won the hearts — and wore out the VHS tapes — of kids everywhere

An Oral History of Adam Sandler, Pickup Basketball Legend

‘He was just out there drilling long threes in his shades and hitting cutters. It was really incredible.’

An Oral History of ‘Pretty Bird’ from ‘Dumb and Dumber’

‘You sold my dead bird to a blind kid? Lloyd, Petey didn’t even have a head!’

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