The Eternal Babyface of Matthew Broderick

Even now in his late 50s, the ‘Ferris Bueller’ actor still looks boyish. Throughout his career, he’s used that quality to play characters whose youthfulness is either blessing or curse.

Three Oil Rig Workers Fact-Check the Movie ‘Armageddon’

And answer Ben Affleck’s immortal query, ‘Would it be easier to train astronauts to be oil drillers, or oil drillers to become astronauts?’

‘The Old Guard’ Wages a Heroic Battle to Rethink the Superhero Movie

This Netflix action film, starring Charlize Theron, is least interesting when it’s playing along with genre conventions. But when it focuses on its flawed, vibrantly alive characters, it’s electric.

How the Kiddie Pool Became This Summer’s Must-Have Instagram Accessory

They may have only gotten chic in recent years, but in some form or another, the backyard mini-pool has been around forever

The Origin Story of Will Smith, King of Fourth of July

In the mid-1990s, the sitcom star and hip-hop lightweight was simply the Fresh Prince. But with ‘Independence Day,’ he remade himself as one of the all-time best summer action heroes.

Is Renting a Lake House the Best Way to Have a Coronavirus-Free Vacation?

With flying off the table because of the pandemic, many people are driving out to the country instead. But are rural summer homes and lake-front Airbnbs really that safe?


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Why Do My Glasses Always Seem to Have Smudged Lenses?

Our faces are essentially small, leaking oil tankers. But how do you fix the problem?

Here’s How to Prevent Bugs From Taking Over Your Home This Summer

Let’s try to get the ‘you swallow 8 spiders a year while you sleep’ number down to zero, shall we?

Can I Smoke Weed Around My Dog?

Advice from a dog behaviorist, a veterinarian association and a guy who frequently smokes weed around his dog


‘A League of Their Own’ Is a Lesbian Independence Day

You can celebrate America — I’m still celebrating the gays

Five Lies You’ve Been Told About Fireworks

Do dogs always hate them? Are they actually all that fun? Let’s find out the truth.

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Fourths of July: The Also-Rans of the Independence Day Holiday Box Office

To celebrate the Fourth, let’s look at the movies that finished in fourth place on what’s normally the biggest movie weekend of the year

How ‘The Simpsons’ Captured the True Spirit of Independence Day Without Jingoism or Flag-Waving

Despite limping on for another 25 seasons, the poignant ‘Summer of 4 Ft. 2’ is the logical endpoint of Lisa Simpson’s journey on the show

12 Movies Where the Villains Are Inexplicably British

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by booing those beastly Brits?


The Okra Project Is Feeding the Bodies and Spirits of the Black Trans Community

Talking to the Okra Project founder Ianne Fields Stewart about how support for Black trans lives can continue far beyond Pride month

‘I Love Black Dick’ Protest Signs Aren’t Going to Save Us

Black fetishizing for ‘justice’ is one of the louder heads of a sexually racist capitalist Hydra that plagues gay communities and beyond

Radical Catholic Boomers Are Rising Up

The Catholic Worker Movement and Plowshares belong to a long tradition of radical religious activism in the U.S. Now, in response to the protests spreading across the country, they’re reckoning with their complicity in racism and police violence


Tabloids Can’t Take Away What Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Meant to Queer Women

As the biggest lesbian celebrity couple of the ’00s, Lohan-Ronson represented affirmation, joy and visibility for LGBTQ teens — even as the media undermined them at every turn

‘Welcome to Chechnya’ Spotlights an LGBTQ Genocide — And the Brave Activists Trying to Stop It

Documentarian David France was embedded in the Russian republic for nearly two years chronicling the underground railroad of volunteers risking their lives to rescue Chechnya’s queer victims

Butthole Beautification Surgeries Are Quickly Becoming a Way of Life

Like the nose job and boob job before them, anal rejuvenation procedures — from bleaching to Botox to outright reconstruction — have gone mainstream


Does Being Tall Help With Social Distancing?

If I’m 6-feet tall, does that mean I’m actually like 36 feet from the much shorter person in front of me?

Here’s What You Need to Stay Cool This Summer Without A.C.

Stuff you can buy, stuff you can make, stuff you can try in order to stay juuuuust a little cooler

Do You Really Need to Wait to Go in the Pool After Eating?

Turns out, binge and cannonball goes together like Netflix and chill

Early Aughts

Inside the Creation of the Volcano Bong, the Peak of Weed Engineering

What started as curious tinkering with a heat gun led to the invention of the most coveted stoner accoutrement of the 2000s

The Nazi-Sympathizing Pinstriper Who Inspired the ‘Von Dutch’ Trucker Hat

For the early aughts’ signature headwear, it’s been a long, strange road from the garage of a self-admitted ‘admirer of the Third Reich’ to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page

An Oral History of Big Mouth Billy Bass

How the famous singing fish swam to the heights of fame, before being flushed down the drain of the pop culture commode


🔥Scorching-Hot Summer Takes🔥

We Should Be Putting Hot Dogs in Pitas

What’s crazy about replacing the tired old bun with a vessel in which every topping — no matter how much of it you pile on — can sit comfortably inside, with no obvious risk of overflow?

Actually, the Mesh in Men’s Bathing Suits Is Nice and Good

Unless you enjoy body surfing while your dick flaps around like a loose rudder, it’s your secret best friend and you should stop complaining about it

‘Real Housewives’ Star Dorit Kemsley Is TV’s Best Antihero

Tony Soprano and Walter White want what she has


The Lonely World of Coronavirus Recovery

People who contracted COVID-19 remain in isolation long after they’ve recovered — either to protect others or because no one’s willing to hang out with them. The sad truth: No one really knows if they’re immune.

The Men Who Fantasize About Their Dream Weddings

For these dudes, nuptials aren’t a girl thing — they’ve been planning their big day since they were little

Coronavirus Has Brought Us Hand Stuff Summer

With the pandemic forcing us into contact-free sex, covert mutual masturbation is the only thing to do

Latest on Coronavirus

This Is Why Your Hand Sanitizer Smells Like Booze

It’s not exactly the same as the tequila you drink — but it’s made in the same place, with the same ingredients

Mr. Met Is Here to Tell You How to Wear Your Goddamn Mask

If anyone knows how to put up with wearing an annoying mask, it’s a former Mr. Met

How Can Porn Be COVID-Safe?

With face-to-face fucking no longer allowed, porn studios all over the world are coming up with some surprisingly creative — if not totally kinky — workarounds


Why Is In-Flight Wi-Fi So Freaking Expensive?

And why is the quality so bad? How do planes get internet way up in the sky, anyway?

Why Is Lobster So Freaking Expensive?

With lobster, nothing is easy, or efficient

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Five Lies You’ve Been Told About Beaches

Do sharks go nuts for period blood? Is Bette Midler full of shit? Let’s find out the truth.

How to Pack a Cooler So Everything Stays Cold

If you do it right, the ice can last up to four days

Are Cargo Shorts Stolen Valor, or Just Ugly?

Not even the military guys for whom these baggy monstrosities were made use those big, stupid pockets


Ultimate Summer Movie Guide

Why Weren’t the Racist Robots in ‘Transformers 2’ Canceled by the End Credits?

With Skids and Mudflap, Michael Bay wanted to introduce some hip new Autobot characters that could appeal to kids. What he ended up with were offensive Black stereotypes as comic relief.

The Summer of 1993 Was the End of Arnold and the Dawn of CGI

Why are we still obsessed with a decades-old showdown between ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Last Action Hero’? Because the stakes were so high — and the winner helped shape the future of action movies.

A Short, Silly History of Schlocky 3D Summer Horror Movies

Killer sharks. A rampaging Jason. Some ravenous piranhas. Does seeing these cheesy fright films in 3D help? Usually not.