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Extremist Sheriffs Are Taking Over the Country One County at a Time

Former sheriff Richard Mack is an icon for right-wing militias. Now, he’s recruiting cops around the country for his cause: Ultimate power for local law enforcement

Showtunes Are Trump’s Portal to His Golden 1980s

The ex-president is addicted to the songs that scored his rise to prominence

Conservative Operatives Are Using Local School Boards As Their New Political Battleground

Across the country, Republican operatives are running a coordinated playbook to make Critical Race Theory and other conservative flash points the center of local politics — with Fairfax, Virginia their latest target

Another Abortion-Snitching Group Is Now Festering on Gab

The group, called ‘Pro-Life Whistleblower,’ has remained online despite being in clear violation of hosting company Epik’s Terms of Use

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