When Sex Looks Like ‘Soaking’: Tales from Ex-Mormons

We asked a variety of people who used to belong to the Church of Latter-day Saints about soaking, the current trend saturating the internet — and the various ways some Mormons try to preserve their virginity

Sin, Hellfire, Yadda, Yadda: What the Bible Really Says About Jacking Off

For being the reason many people are afraid and miseducated about masturbation, the Bible sure doesn't say a whole lot about it

The Devilish Ways of ‘Youth Pastor Energy’

They’re gentle, upbeat and almost certainly have a dolphin tattoo. But beneath their wholesome exterior, they’re nothing more than used car salesmen

The Vatican Is Still Harming Queer Youth

The Catholic Church’s refusal to acknowledge same-sex unions is a human rights issue

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