Digital Culture

‘Hello, It’s Papa’: The Undeniable Charm and Wisdom of Elderly TikTokers

Social media may seem to be ruled by Gen Z and the overall zeitgeist of youth, but there’s real joy in watching old folks just being themselves — no matter if they have the camera turned upside down the whole time or not

Instagram Fashion Brands That Are Actually Good

Their ads are all over the photo-sharing app, and their reputation is generally awful. But amidst these bargain-basement offerings, there are a few gems waiting to be found

Pretty Much Any Cartoon Character Is Now a ‘He/They’

On Twitter, a daily ritual reaffirms the power of pronouns

Dunkin’ Donuts Needs a Real MILF Monday

After a Dunkin’ employee went viral on TikTok for giving cash to MILFs at the drive-thru, calls for a legitimate MILF holiday have reverberated throughout the land