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Marrying Your Ex’s Dad Is TikTok’s Coldest Revenge

A number of women on the app claim to have gotten back at their exes by becoming their hot, bizarro stepmoms

Nobody Puts Gentleminions in a Corner

Almost overnight, it’s become a trend to get 36 of your closest guy friends together, throw on suits and go see ‘Minions: Rise of Gru.’ But try as theaters might to tame their dapper ways, nothing can stop them from turning up and turning out

Dark Femmes Are Sirenmaxxing. Are You Caught in Their Gaze?

‘Dark femmes’ on TikTok are selling e-books and guides on how to adopt a submissive, hyper-feminine persona in order to control and manipulate men. But isn’t that the oldest trick in the book?

Howdy, Y’all, Burn In Hell: Meet the Country Goth GF

She’s a little bit country, a little bit MY HEART IS DISCONTENT IN THE FRIGID WINTER OF DARKNESS