Digital Culture

The Twitter Account ‘Eternals News’ Brilliantly Skewers the Posting Style of the Marvel Stan

Doing free labor for Disney? You might have a problem

‘Drake is the Type of Fella’ Memes Tell Us Everything We (Don’t) Know About Celebrities

Though we’ll never meet him in real life, it’s still inarguably clear that he taps the glass of the tiger cage at the zoo and goes, ‘Here, kitty, kitty!’

NFT Guys Want to Be Scammed

Whenever fraudsters trick collectors with a ‘rug pull’ scheme, the victims are ready to double down

Pantsed_Dude is Literally Begging to Be Caught With His Pants Down

Armed with a monster cock and some curiously retrofitted prank pants, he shoots hilarious, viral skits of his dick exploding out of his clothes

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