The Memeified Mirage of the Green Tea Shot

No, there’s no green tea in it, and no, it has none of green tea’s health benefits. Still, it’s become TikTok’s most beloved shooter just the same

Female TikTokers Are Secretly Exposing Their Dates’ Deranged Bathrooms

Before or after a hookup, women are sneaking into their hookups’ bathrooms and documenting the unholy chaos that lurks inside. Bathtub full of old taxes, anyone?

Birdo Is the Deepthroat Queen of the Mario Universe

As a number of fans and fashion brands have noticed, Yoshi’s girlfriend Birdo is a sexually actualized goddess who exacts her power through the miracle of oral sex

When Did We All Turn on the Word ‘Moist’?

In numerous polls throughout the past decade, ‘moist’ has dominated as one of the most hated words in the English language. However, the psychological reasons for such an aversion may have very little to do with being grossed out