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The Beta Men Who Gleefully Do Women’s Homework for Free

Desperate to please hot women in need of homework help, self-professed ‘homework slaves’ put aside their own needs and responsibilities to make sure their goddesses make the grade

Recently, a self-identified beta male entered my Instagram inbox. First, he asked if he was allowed to follow me, despite his beta status. I told him to Paypal me $20. He did. Next, he told me a bit about one of his primary interests: Doing homework for hot women who offer him nothing in return. He then professed to be one of many “homework slaves” who offered up such services. Considering my history of writing about guys like him, the topic certainly seemed like a good fit for MEL. But why would I write the article, when I had him right there to do it for me?

And so, I had this homework slave — let’s call him Daniel — write an article about the phenomenon. But since I’m committed to my craft, what you’re about to read isn’t entirely his work. Instead, it’s a blend of my words and research with his article and experience within the beta community. 

To start, I’ll let him define what a homework slave is: “For those that have gone through school, at any level, we’ve all come across projects, essays or pesky assignments that we really just can’t be bothered to complete. The idea of having someone else do the work for us has, at some point, crossed possibly all of our minds — what a dream that would be. But for the most part, people don’t immediately think of enlisting exceptionally submissive men to complete the homework they’ve got, especially if they’re offering little to nothing in return.”

This is where the homework slaves come in. Or, as Daniel likes to call them, “Your one-stop-shop for getting all of the work you’re trying to get done, without the hassle of having to do it yourself.”

Daniel likes to visit Discord groups to find women to assist. “I’ve worked myself to the bone for some women,” he says. “For one in particular, I’ve sat in virtual class for, taken notes and completed nearly half a semester’s worth of coursework for her, all while trying to balance my own coursework, too.” Some women have offered him nudes or video calls in exchange for his work, depending on the nature of the assignment. Still, as a beta, he knows he’s “not worthy” of such content. “I personally ask for safe-for-work selfies to admire,” he continues. “Lots of pictures of them in leggings. This also gives me opportunities to hear about the sexcapades they have plenty of free time for, given how I’m doing their work for them.”

On Twitter, there are ample opportunities to see how this dynamic plays out. Per Daniel, you only have to search the keywords “homework slave,” and you’ll be “immediately inundated with tweets from young women all over the world seeking help from submissive men to compete their school-related work.”

This much appears to be true. Just over the past few days, there have been dozens of women seeking help with specific subjects like organic chemistry or English literature, many of whom include a selfie with their requests. Some are primarily seeking help with their homework, while others pursue both completed schoolwork and financial tributes. 

Finding men who are willing to provide either is just as easy. “These men are out there, doing it all for very little in return, going as far as putting their own studies and school progress at risk in order to benefit ‘brat princesses,’” Daniel says, referencing a tweet shared by a homework slave. “I can’t believe that I have a midterm test in 4 hours but i’m doing a brat Princess’s hw instead of studying,” the tweet reads. “Loser Life?”

So why, exactly, are these men doing this? 

Simply put, it’s a fetish. “For some, much like myself, it’s an extension of ‘acts of service,’ which I love to provide to women that I’m attracted to,” says Daniel. “I personally feel a great sense of satisfaction and gratification knowing that I’ve been able to do something for a woman that alleviates any of their stress. Knowing that I was able to make a woman happier, by taking the responsibility away from needing to finish an assignment is inexplicably beautiful to me.”

That said, Daniel knows there are some breaches of academic ethics happening here. “As someone in their final year of studies within a STEM-related field at a well-known university, it goes without saying that what I’m doing is ethically and morally wrong,” he says. But the potential consequences and the knowledge that he’s breaking the rules is part of the burden he wants to bear. “Whenever I complete an assignment for a woman that’s taken me under her wing as her homework slave, I do so with the mindset that I can be there for someone and provide my services in a manner that benefits her at my expense,” says Daniel. 

For bigger projects and essays, Daniel likes to look at past work the women have done in order to gauge their voice and match it, so their professors aren’t suspicious. So far, none of the women he’s done homework for have been caught passing off his work for their own.

In many ways, this is an extension of a different, but related kink: being “friendzoned.” The subreddit r/friendzonecucks is dedicated to self-professed beta males who have a deep desire to be stuck as friends to women they’re attracted to. It currently has 11,000 members who fantasize about being cucked by their female friends and crushes. “You’ll be quick to note that nearly all of them enjoy being used and spoken down on by the women they fawn over,” says Daniel. “From doing chores, to being an emotional crutch for women to use, to being the easy outlet for them to unload all of their homework to, betas are there to provide unselfishly.”

This, of course, is all part of the greater phenomena of self-identified beta males and cuckolds consciously transforming “simping” from a misogynistic insult to a loving pet name and badge of honor that describes their gleeful weakness toward women. It also connects to financial domination and more traditional forms of dominant/submissive relationships, where the woman is in the authoritative position. Homework slavery, says Daniel, is very similar to financial domination, just without the cash. 

“It’s a transactional fetish in which men are able to provide for women, in exchange for some of their time, or for some of their personal content,” he says. “Whether or not this is an acceptable means of facilitating a sexual transaction is up for some level of debate, but whatever the resolve may be, dominant women and submissive men will continue to connect with each other for as long as those men find it hot and for as long as those women find it beneficial to indulge in their interests.”

When Daniel and his fellow homework slaves leave academia, there will surely still be plentiful opportunities for them to find new ways to serve women. Given that I got Daniel to work on this article for me, he seems to be well on his way already. In the case of homework, perhaps it’s not exactly in these women’s best interests to not learn the information for themselves, but who actually remembers what they learned in college, anyway? 

In fact, I’d argue that some may have mastered an even more invaluable skill. If ever they’re confronted with a task or problem they don’t know how to solve, they know exactly how to find a beta who does.