10 of the most spectacular casinos around the world

Here is <a href="">OLBG</a>'s list of the 10 most spectacular and unique casinos on the planet. From classic to contemporary, these destination casinos should be on every gamester's bucket list.

The Guys Tracking the Absurdly Short Private Flights of the Rich and Famous

Kylie Jenner went viral recently for going on a three-minute private jet ride, but she’s not the only one — Floyd Mayweather, Steven Spielberg and many others are guilty of expelling tons and tons of carbon emissions in the air, all in the name of convenient travel (sans the poors)

This 1906 New Zealand ‘Water Chute’ Marked the Birth of the Waterslide

It walked so Splash Mountain could run

Public Sex Advice from the Public Sex Pros on Fetlife

Wanna fuck in public without getting caught? Kinksters on FetLife have you covered with everything from secret sex locations to security measures you can take to ensure you bone undetected