Mental Health

How Sleep Memory Holes All the Bad Stuff That Happens to You

A new study reveals that when we’re in a state of REM sleep, our brain sorts through our emotional memories and kicks any negativity to the curb

There’s No Mental Health System That Can Stop Angry Young Men Like the Buffalo Shooter

The Buffalo shooter underwent a psychiatric evaluation in June 2021 after making threatening comments in school. Blame is falling on the school, police and mental health professionals for letting him go — but the fact is, our system was never designed to catch a mass killer

The Search for an Extremely Online Therapist

How can they begin to understand my mental anguish if they have no clue who Shrimp Guy is?

Standing Like Superman Makes You Feel Like Superman

No matter what superhero you vibe with the most, new research reveals there are a number of mental health benefits to maintaining a posture that’s fit for a cape