Mental Health

The First Thing You Should Reach for in the Morning Is Sunlight

According to Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, one of the best things we can do for our mental health is to go outside and catch a few rays when we first wake up

Diet Coke Is Basically Brain Food, Study Says

Scientists suspect that caffeine can boost your cognitive performance and improve tactical decision-making. But unfortunately, the sweet spot may not allow for as much cold brew as you’d hoped

Is It Possible to Be Too Tired to Be Stressed?

Many people unconsciously cope with stress by exhausting themselves to the point of not caring, but therapists warn that this is far from a sustainable solution

Is Staying Busy When I’m Going Through It a Crutch, or a Cure-all?

On the one hand, it keeps me from thinking of all the bad things. On the other, it’s a perfect way to avoid ever having to sit with my feelings