The ‘Wife Swap’ Dad Who Was Ahead of His Time

In the early aughts, he was ridiculed for being too progressive. But today, he’s the father everyone on TikTok wants

Lindsey Buckingham Has Long Dreamed of Solo Success. ‘Holiday Road’ Is His Legacy

A song he dashed off for the ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ soundtrack wasn’t his biggest hit. But that’s apt for an artist who’s never fully escaped the shadow of Fleetwood Mac

‘Riders of Justice’ Is the Year’s Best Action Movie About Grief

In this genre-bending Danish gem, Mads Mikkelsen would rather get bloody vengeance instead of going to therapy

What Movies Pair Best With Which Drugs?

Whether you’re skiing, tripping or boofing, here are the sights and sounds that will make your high downright cinematic

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