My Life as a Stand-in Dad

When my sister’s kids were young, I moved in with them and became a co-parent. Now that they’re college-aged, I asked them what they made of that time, and how they came to think of me as both their uncle and replacement father figure

‘Big Daddy’ Marked the Moment Adam Sandler Started to Grow Up

Steve Franks, the screenwriter behind the hit 1999 film, explains how the script he wrote while working with animatronic birds at Disneyland ended up becoming a pivotal moment in Sandler’s literal on-screen maturation

Save the Last Dance: The Battle to Ban Father-Daughter Dances

The father-daughter dance has been a long-running facet of American culture for more than a century, but some feel it’s too gendered — and cringe — to continue on

The ‘Child Has Bad Vibes’ Tweet Is Still the GOAT Dad Post

In 2018, one man dared to pose a question about absent fathers that rocked the internet. (He was joking.)