Dispatches from the Manosphere

‘Buck Status: Broken’: Behind the Violently Racist Phrase on the Buffalo Shooter’s Gun

After his arrest, authorities found names, memes and coded messages hand-painted across the mass shooter’s weapons. One of the lesser known phrases refers to white men sexually dominating Black men on plantations, and its inclusion in white supremacist rhetoric reveals a fixation on Black men’s genitalia and a desire for sexual power

The Online Influencers Mainstreaming White Supremacy to Teen Boys

A new set of virulently racist livestreamers are getting to a younger generation long before they’ve ever heard of Tucker Carlson

The GigaChad Has Gone Full Sigma Male

Two of the Manosphere’s most ridiculous memes have collided in sheer absurdity

White Supremacists Like the Buffalo Shooter Are Obsessed with Fertility

The Buffalo shooter talked up birth rates and demographic shifts as key indicators of the ‘replacement’ of whites in America. It’s an old trope wielded by right-wing America since the turn of the 20th century — and it’s become a powerful meme to justify violence today