Dispatches from the Manosphere

The Tall Tale of the White Incel King of Thailand

When a young man bragged on an incel forum that he had gone to Thailand and had sex with many women, the reaction sparked a debate over whether the poster was a blackpilled folk hero, or a fakecel desperate for attention from other lonely men

Have ‘Women Going Their Own Way’ Found the Right Path?

Unlike their MGTOW counterparts, they never devolved into a hate forum — and some of them are thriving

The Blueprint for Anti-Pride Events Is Being Rolled Out Again in Oregon

After a month of anti-LGBTQ organizing across the U.S., yet another coalition of religious leaders and right-wing politicians and activists are gathering to spread threatening falsehoods about the queer community

Across the Country, Fraternity Hazing Rituals Are Still Killing Young Men

Male college students keep dying every year during pledge season — and people keep looking for piecemeal answers, hoping the system can be reformed. But is this about ‘bad apples,’ or a culture of violence and neglect as machismo?