‘On the Record’ Explores Who the #MeToo Conversation Left Behind — Women of Color

Directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering talk about their moving new documentary, which focuses on Drew Dixon, who for years stayed silent about her former boss Russell Simmons and her life as a sexual-assault survivor

Small-Town Gays Need Pride More Than Ever

Who is really hurt when Pride events are canceled? Not the corporations. It’s a loss for the teens and queer folks in rural communities who need a physical space so they can be themselves

What’s Better Than This? Guys Being (Good) Dudes on Reddit’s TrollYChromosome

It’s a rarity for a place on the internet to be both masculine and progressive, but r/TrollYChromosome somehow does it with ease

The Highs and Lows of Gender Dysphoria in Social Isolation

On one extreme, many trans people feel more comfortable in their bodies than ever before. On the other, the dissonance between their physical appearance and gender identity has never been more acute.