The Internet’s Foremost Pee Peddler Wants to Revolutionize Pest Control (With Piss)

Meet Skip Theobald, the purveyor of the ultimate one-stop online shop for discount animal urine

How to (Possibly) Sneak Drugs Past a Detection Dog

Look, it’s probably not gonna work, but if you’re still gonna give it a go anyway, you might as well try one of these options

How to Win Over Your New Partner’s Dog

Who’s a good boy? You are.

The Life and Death of the Cop-Turned-Cocaine-Smuggler Who Killed Pablo Escobear

Andrew Carter Thornton II was an adrenaline junkie who seemingly ran drugs as much for the thrill as for the cash. In the end, though, it would cost him — and a 175-pound black bear — everything.

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