We Want to Fuck Cousin Greg Because We Can

We all want what we can’t have... but also what we can

‘Black Sails’ Is the Dopest Show About Violent Men Since ‘The Sopranos‘

Imagine Tony Soprano meets ‘Game of Thrones‘... but with pirates. Honestly, why isn‘t everyone talking about this Starz original?

Tony Sirico’s Commercial Acting, Ranked from ‘Plausibly Sane’ to ‘Totally Fucking Walnuts’

Paulie Walnuts didn’t just shake people down for Tony Soprano, he did the same for Netflix, Denny’s and Dunkin’ Donuts

An Oral History of ‘Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse’

With its eternal optimism and endless hilarious applications, the line has fast become the internet’s most victorious meme

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