True Crime

The Accidental Poetry of Those Jacking Off Extortion Emails

A common scam and Google Translate are taking us to new heights of masturbatory metaphor

Nightmare Fuel: How a Man Fell Asleep on the Street and Woke Up in a Mental Hospital

Joshua Spriestersbach was arrested, incarcerated and drugged even though he repeatedly told officials they had the wrong guy. How does something like this happen, and what can we do to prevent it from happening again?

The Coked-Up Louisiana Millionaire, His Estranged Wife and the Fake Murder-for-Hire Plot Gone Horribly Wrong

Lawrence Michael Handley, high on meth and cocaine, hired two Black men to kidnap his wife, so that he could play the part of the hero. But his plan went south, and the hired ‘killers’ paid the price

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