Sexual Health

Step Aside Condoms — We’re Boiling Our Balls, Now

Ultrasound technology has been a potential method of male contraceptive for years, and soon, you might be able to use it at home with a sleek little cup for your balls

I Love to Give My Good Boy Kisses, But Can I Give Him Herpes?

I love to give him little kisses on his fuzzy head, but I’m worried I’m a biohazard

Forget Vasectomies, Dick Magnets Could Be the Easy, Reversible Male Birth Control You Need

You’ll have to heat up your balls and inject nanoparticles into your blood, but at least no one will be calling you ‘daddy’

I Swallowed Cum, and Now My Throat is Sore. Could It Be an STI?

Asking for a friend who has spent way too much time googling ‘oral gonorrhea’

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