The Best Sex Games for When You Want to Play in More Ways Than One

Whether you’re looking to spice up a comfortable relationship, break the ice at a sex party or treat yourself to some out-of-this world scenario that’s impossible to do with real humans, there’s a sex game for you

Birdo Is the Deepthroat Queen of the Mario Universe

As a number of fans and fashion brands have noticed, Yoshi’s girlfriend Birdo is a sexually actualized goddess who exacts her power through the miracle of oral sex

What Burns More Calories — ‘Nintendo Switch Sports,’ or Swatting a Fly?

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Did the Game Gear Bring Down Sega?

Sure, it was vastly inferior to its nemesis Game Boy — not to mention, the size of a brick — but the people who had one loved it, and continue to do so this day. Isn’t that worth a second look?