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Why Are So Many Dudes Losing Their Shit Over 8D Audio?

It must’ve been late at night, somewhere on the verge of 2 or 3 a.m., that I stumbled onto a recommended video of “8D music”… Read More

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Heists With a Female Twist

Who says that only Frank Sinatra and George Clooney can put together a good heist? Certainly not Steve McQueen and Viola Davis, the director and…

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Heavy Breathing, Why You Shouldn’t Puff-Puff-Pass on Weed After Dinner and Beating Off at Home for the Holidays

Just a few more days until we can all un-cinch our belts and engorge ourselves on the greatest of American holidays, Thanksgiving. I’m making cornbread-andouille…

What Can I, an Average Guy Who Thinks He’s Married to the Wrong Person, Do Once I Realize I’m Definitely Married to the Wrong Person?

On the spectrum of mistakes made, ranging from, “Crap, I forgot to take out the trash,” to, “Fuck, did I just run over a cyclist…

If You Want to Be More Productive and Comfortable at the Office, Get on Your Knees

My posture sucks. If a camera is around and photos are being taken, I know how to elongate my neck, energize my fingertips and breathe…

The Undeniable Pleasure of Smoking Weed After Eating

Italians drink fernet. Parisians sip cognac. Spaniards turn to fortified wine. And in Southern California, we smoke joints. Weed as a digestif shouldn’t be so…

A Beginner’s Guide to Park Chan-wook, the Best Director You’re Not Talking About

Of the international auteurs most likely to adapt a John le Carré novel into a miniseries on BBC One and AMC, South Korea’s Park Chan-wook…


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