The Kids Are Alt-Right: When Your Star Pupil Gets Red-Pilled

Teachers know the warning signs when students are radicalized by online hate movements. They just don’t know how to stop it — or if it’s a power struggle they can ever win

Is This Esports’ Big Moment?

Baseball is barely hanging on. The NBA and NHL have returned to abbreviated schedules. The Big Ten and Pac-12 have postponed their fall sports. Can esports fill the giant programming void they’ve left behind?

The Long Shadow of Yusuf Hawkins

The HBO documentary ‘Storm Over Brooklyn’ recounts the 1989 killing of a Black teenager by a white mob, which sparked protests and underscored New York’s racial tensions. Director Muta’Ali discusses the parallels between then and now, and the challenge of making Hawkins more than just a symbol.

It’s Been a Year Since Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

What 2019’s darkest meme told us about the catastrophes to come

Why Everyone Wants to ‘Win’ at Therapy

The thing is, when therapy becomes a game, everyone loses

Inside the Facebook Meme Groups for Coronavirus Truthers

There’s a different strain of misinformation for everyone — and it all exposes Facebook’s most unsettling blind spot

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The Dank Future of the Man Cave

Coronavirus is forcing some men out of the booze-lined basement — while others hide out even more in their lonely plague bunkers

The Swole Trolls Behind ‘Bodybuilders Against Tipping’

Bodybuilding forums birthed the original online trolls, and this anti-server group is just their latest concoction

The WHO Says to Avoid the Dentist. What’s Gonna Happen to My Teeth?

Hopefully nothing — so long as you floss


The Outsized Fury of the ‘Manlet’

Bodybuilder bros created a whole new kind of insecurity about being under 6 feet tall

Never Answer the ‘Just Asking Questions’ Guy

The answers are available — but that’s not what he’s after

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Take a Zombie Movie World Tour From the Safety of Your Couch

You might not be able to visit South Korea, Australia, Scotland, Spain or Norway right now — but the undead can, and they’d love to share the experience

Let’s Talk About the Twin Brothers on ‘Selling Sunset’

Real estate brokers Jason and Brett Oppenheim on ‘Selling Sunset’ are short jesters — certainly not short kings

‘The Ladykillers’ Is Tom Hanks’ Best Performance

‘Cast Away’? Nah. ’Forrest Gump’? Nope. ’Apollo 13’? Please. None can touch Hanks’ work in this widely panned 2004 Coen Brothers film.


How ‘The Way It Is’ Became an Unlikely Soundtrack to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Bruce Hornsby made his name in the easy-listening/adult-contemporary world. But his civil rights ballad has been the musical bedrock for two generations of hip-hop anthems that dissect racial injustice and police brutality from the inside.

Abolish the Department of Homeland Security

For almost two decades, the DHS has been making Americans less safe

Non-Lethal Policing Is a Privilege Reserved for White Suspects

In all these cases, Blackness — not the threat level of the man arrested — was the difference between life and death


Straights, Calling Yourself a Bottom Doesn’t Make You an Ally

If you want to hint that you’re dominant in bed and your partner is submissive, you already have extremely obvious words for this

How One Director Rewrote the Rules of Great Queer Porn

Fed up with the way queer performers were being portrayed in porn, ‘The Crash Pad’ director Shine Louise Houston developed an entirely new mode of production — and changed the way we look at queer sex

Let’s Get to the Bottom of the Glorious New ‘eBussy’ Meme

It’s a car. It’s an extremely online bottom. It’s the eBussy.


Who Are the Idiots Who Got Serving Sizes So Wrong?

The FDA updated the rules a few years ago to be more realistic, but everyone knows you’re still gonna eat way more than what the label says

Exfoliating Your Lips Is a Kiss of Death

Don’t fall for that $30 sugar-and-honey elixir, because scrubbing it into your lips will only do more damage to your poor little puckers

Blisters Are Disgusting — But What Do They Actually Do?

It’s probably just to protect you from all that exercising you’re doing. Or it’s herpes.

Early Aughts

I Regret to Inform You That Bootcut Jeans Are Back. Here’s What You Can Do About It

The 1970s have returned, by way of the 1990s and early aughts. But is there any good way to pull off the look, especially if you were there the first or second time around?

Everything I Learned About Sex I Learned From Judd Apatow Movies

Watching stupid 2000s comedies with my friends as a pre-teen was formative to my understanding of sex — but what did these movies even say?

The Secrets of Real-Life Wedding Crashers

Experts claim wedding crashing isn’t as popular as the movie makes it seem, but maybe that’s because the good ones never get caught

🔥Scorching-Hot Summer Takes🔥

Campfires Are Never Worth It and Should Be Outlawed

The only thing a campfire accomplishes is making everyone smelly and miserable

It Should Rain More in the Summer

America, you don’t understand how good you have it with your extra fancy rain storms

Lifeguarding Isn’t a Real Job, It’s for Power-Tripping Horny Teens

The petty tyrants of the pool are not to be respected


Gay Hookup Apps Are Losing Their Thrill. Sniffies Snatches It Back

Sniffies is the ‘shockingly explicit’ answer to the monotony and sterilization of mainstreamed dating apps like Grindr and Scruff

The Tiny, Dirty Things Good Partners Do to Fight Body Image Issues

You’d be surprised how much the simple feedback that you don’t care about your significant other’s cellulite or peach fuzz can heal decades of insecurity

Inside the Pleas for a Sexier Amazon Alexa

For some, Alexa’s voice is already plenty alluring. For others, it’s not nearly sexy enough.

Latest on Coronavirus

Who Will Get the Coronavirus Vaccine First?

You might not want to be among the first batch to receive the coronavirus vaccine, but you probably won’t be, anyway

How to Tell If Your Hand Sanitizer Is Toxic

Please don’t drink hand sanitizer

Could COVID-19 Survivors End Up Paying More for Health Insurance?

If the Trump administration gets what they want, that’s exactly what could happen


You Could Never Spend All of Bill Gates’ Money, but These Sites Want You to Try

These simple games allow you to play with the idea of spending Gates’ and Jeff Bezos’ abject wealth. But even when pretending, it’s nearly impossible.

Where’s the Government Getting All This Stimulus Cash From?

And if it’s so easy to hit up the Treasury ATM for a trillion dollars, why can’t we pay for things like universal health care and student-loan forgiveness?

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Actually, the Bucket Hat Never Went Away

If you weren’t getting drunk in 2015 wearing a bucket hat, your old ass is late to the trend

The Mood-Boosting Magic of Complimenting Yourself in the Mirror

It might be corny. And it might be silly. But it also might be the easiest thing you can do to feel better about yourself.

The Madmen Who Shave Without Shaving Cream Live Life on the Edge

But make sure you have the right skin type before a dry run

Ultimate Summer Movie Guide

In the Summer of 2008, We Got a ‘Star Wars’ Movie You Probably Don’t Remember

No film in George Lucas’ cinematic empire is more disposable or forgotten than ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ which was little more than a feature-length tie-in to a TV series he was developing. But it helped hook a new generation on the never-ending franchise.

Ranking Every Single Oscar Performance From a Summer Blockbuster Movie

Turns out, award-caliber films come out during the summer, too. Here’s our exhaustive rundown of all 54 nominated roles, from a problematic Robert Downey Jr. to multiple Meryl Streeps and Tom Hankses.

The Pleasure of Watching Christmas Movies That Were Actually Summer Blockbusters

Whether they’re spoofing yuletide traditions or straight-up hiding the fact that Santa is the main character, holiday films released during the summer are a rare, special breed


The Darwinian Battle Royale Between Man and Pepper

One shitpost meme says everything you need to know about humanity’s love affair with a uniquely devastating little plant

Should I Wash My Beard After Eating?

If beards need to be washed after every meal, bare faces do too

What’s in This?: Ice Cream Sandwiches

All 22 ingredients in these cool sammies, explained (yep, even mono and diglycerides)

True Crime

Angels Battle Pagans as the Outlaw Biker War Hits the Bronx

Two rival gangs in New York City are locked in a game of escalating vengeance and bloodshed. Can the pandemic — or the law — slow them down?

The Legend of Jeff, the Dude Who Outsmarted a Police Interrogation in a Viral Video

A clip of a street-smart Georgia addict holding his own against police manipulation shows how easily the law can force a false confession

How the Golden State Killer Ushered In a New Age of Slashers

‘The Rental’ marks the end of charismatic, splashy movie serial killers — and what’s coming is so much more terrifying

Oral History

The Gruesome Oral History of the ‘Road House’ Throat Rip Scene

Marshall Teague and the ‘Road House’ stunt coordinators and fight trainers break down the greatest onscreen fistfight of all time

An Oral History of ‘Mortal Kombat’

GET OVER HERE and read this spine-yanking tale of how the very first ‘Mortal Kombat’ game was made

The Oral History of the Super Soaker

Prepare to get wet for this tale of how a NASA engineer accidentally invented the greatest squirt gun ever made — and changed summertime forever