Do So-Called ‘Manly Men’ Suppress Their Love for Their Dogs?
Do So-Called ‘Manly Men’ Suppress Their Love for Their Dogs?

A survey found that the men who consider themselves the manliest among us pretend they’re not absolutely obsessed with their canine companions to appear more masculine. Are these people crazy BECAUSE I LOVE MY FUCKING DOG?

Disgruntled Men Are Waging War on the Road By ‘Rolling Coal’
Disgruntled Men Are Waging War on the Road By ‘Rolling Coal’

A Texas teen recently hit six cyclists after repeatedly blasting them with black smoke from a diesel-powered truck. It’s the logical end of a deeply stupid American tradition that’s grown in popularity in the last decade

Larry Birkhead Loves Being Lost
Larry Birkhead Loves Being Lost

Once seemingly trapped in the inescapable eye of the tabloid hurricane as the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, he is now who he always aspired to be — an ordinary dad in Kentucky

The Designers Who Made David Pumpkins’ Suit So Scary Good
The Designers Who Made David Pumpkins’ Suit So Scary Good

The co-founder of OppoSuits tells us how they came up with Tom Hanks’ infamous gourd aesthetic on ‘SNL’

How Far-Right Podcasts Took Over America

A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center depicts the ways in which one influential podcast helped birth a dozen more, creating a tight network of extremists agitating for hate and violence — both online and IRL

The Mystery of the ‘Penis Envy’ Magic Mushroom Murder

Steven Pollock was a doctor and scientific researcher focused on a very potent strain of magic mushrooms. But his obsession with psilocybin may have led to his tragic death

Meet the Guy Who Spends Just $150 a Year to Eat All His Meals at Six Flags

Where others saw glorified carnival food, Dylan saw the world’s thriftiest food court



Millennials Want Money, Not These Stupid Employer Perks

We’ll happily trade the snack pantry and yoga classes for a better salary

The Frenzied Manhunt for the Guy Who Hit Three Baseballs Into the Grand Canyon

After a man was filmed hitting home runs into the gorge, the internet reached a new level for fury, setting off a rapid quest to find him

How Often Do Gay Guys Fuck Their Playground Bullies?

It’s a perpetual trope in movies, TV and porn. But is it grounded in any kind of reality, or is it just a revenge fantasy?

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How White People Can Celebrate Black History Month Without Making It Weird
Stop Scapegoating the Black Male Vote
Abolish ICE. Abolish Homeland Security. There’s No Doubt Left.
Let’s Break Down Ice Cube’s ‘Contract With Black America’

Best of MEL

Fox News Convinced Them COVID Was Fake. Then They Got Sick.

‘I have no doubt that President Trump and Fox News have caused people to die.’ This is what it’s like to lose your dad twice — first to Rush Limbaugh, then to the ICU as he battles a disease he believes is a hoax

The Afterlife of the Male Model

What happens to young men when they quit the modeling industry? While some exit the business gracefully, others take a nose dive, only to find salvation at the Cheesecake Factory

The Wild Ride of America’s Most Dangerous Theme Park

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Action Park — unofficially known as Class Action Park, Traction Park and Accident Park — was ‘Lord of the Flies’ with a Jersey twist and a higher death count

Racial Justice

Every Plantation in the Country Should Be Turned Into a Slavery Museum

Today, they’re either tourist traps or the backdrop for weddings. But like Auschwitz and the sites of other concentration camps in Europe, they need to serve a much bigger purpose — making sure that America never forgets the horror of slavery.

Searching for the Ignored: The Mod Who Runs a Subreddit for Missing People of Color

Redditor Alohaworld is hoping to bring a Gabby Petito-level of interest to the missing and murdered people of color who are too often ignored by the media and law enforcement

A Black Man’s Review of White Boy Summer

White boys don’t need to brand a summer as theirs to make it their own


James Bond’s Next Mission: To Get a Decent Fitting Suit

The superspy might be able to save the world, but he can’t save himself from his tailor

American Apparel Nostalgia and the Return of Indie Sleaze

The trend cycle moves so rapidly now that the decade-old aesthetic is already cool again

Is This the Machine That Will Finally Make Fashion Sustainable?

To date, it’s been almost impossible to recycle discarded clothes. The Fibersort, however, intends to change all that

The Manosphere

QAnon Conspiracists Think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Are Hiding in Tyler Perry’s Fake White House

Are the President and Vice President of the United States living on a TV set in Georgia? No, but also, lol

How MRAs Have Weaponized ‘Ladies Night’ Discounts

A coterie of men’s rights activists, and a group of sympathetic lawyers, are fueling bogus discrimination lawsuits in the hunt for money and perceived justice

Korea’s ‘Semen Terrorism’ Is Happening Here, Too

The trend of men ejaculating onto women has become a hot topic in Korea, where advocates want to see it defined as a sex crime. But these sort of attacks may also be dramatically underreported in the U.S.


It’s Kill or Be Killed in the Vampire-Western ‘Near Dark’

Kathryn Bigelow’s genre-bending horror flick asks the question: What if you’re fated to kill, but you’d never hurt a fly?

In Defense of Gus Van Sant’s Totally Derided ‘Psycho’ Remake

The Vince Vaughn-led remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic is a lot better if you view it as more of an experiment than an actual commercial product

‘Donnie Darko’ Shows How Creepy Coming-of-Age Can Be

Released in theaters 20 years ago today, Richard Kelly’s directorial debut holds up as a poignant ode to the uncertainty of youth


The Government’s Gay Witch Hunt of Pat Patterson

According to previously unreleased documents, the Immigration and Naturalization Service worked tirelessly throughout the 1960s to have the legendary wrestler deported back to his native Canada — all because they suspected he was gay

Pinocchio is the Twink Princess Disney Forgot

Disney loves to make a big show of their new ‘LGBT characters,’ but it seems they forgot their skinny, androgynous and largely hair-free wooden boi from the 1940s

‘Genera+ion’ Is Post-‘It Gets Better’ TV. That’s a Good Thing.

It’s about time we finally have a TV show willing to say gay men sometimes suck


Would I Have More Energy If I Quit Caffeine?

Self-improvement YouTubers say quitting caffeine supercharged their energy. Is there any truth to this, or are they just out for clicks?

Where Did Vaping Illness Go?

Are we still losing vapers, or did we end the epidemic?

I’m Going Bald at 16

I looked down at my towel after I got out of the shower and all of this hair was strung across it



How to Start Sexting With Your Long-Term Partner

Sexting is par for the course when you’re talking to someone new, but it can be awkward when you’ve already boned someone 1,000 times. What can you say to keep things fresh?

The ‘Most Controversial Opinion’ Hinge Question Is Easier Than You Think

It’s not about provocation — it’s a chance to get creative

My Partner’s Anxious. I’m Relaxed. Am I Driving Them Crazy?

It’s not easy being in a relationship with someone with anxiety, but there are ways to communicate so your mellow attitude doesn’t become part of the problem

Life in a Pandemic

Guys Who Quit Their Jobs During ‘The Great Resignation’ on Life on the Other Side

‘I’m happier than I’ve been in 10 years’

Fabio Hair is Making a Post-Quarantine Comeback

Zoom chic is the new shabby chic

The Inevitable Rise of the Work-From-Home Nudist

Sick of khakis and button-ups, they do their spreadsheets and data reports in nothing but their birthday suits


NFT Guys Want to Be Scammed

Whenever fraudsters trick collectors with a ‘rug pull’ scheme, the victims are ready to double down

‘Axie Infinity’ U: The Crypto Gaming Scholarships Putting Gen-Z Guys from the Developing World Through School

Gamers in countries like the Philippines are getting paid to play video games on behalf of someone else, but the set-up may not last for long.

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Mental Health

Hey Big Fella, You Gonna Cry About It?

A new survey has found that we may have reached the point where men cry more than women