The Devastating Picture Books Teaching Five-Year-Olds About School Shootings
The Devastating Picture Books Teaching Five-Year-Olds About School Shootings

Illustrated guidelines are an increasingly common way to teach young children what to do if there’s an intruder at their school — especially when they’re so little they can’t even read yet

How Many of Us Won’t Have Children Because of Gun Violence?
How Many of Us Won’t Have Children Because of Gun Violence?

The worst school shooting since Sandy Hook has many Americans reconsidering parenthood

The Right’s Transphobic Disinfo Campaign About the Uvalde Shooter Is By Design
The Right’s Transphobic Disinfo Campaign About the Uvalde Shooter Is By Design

Why did figures like Paul Gosar spread rumors that the Uvalde shooter was a trans woman? Consider it another escalation in the war against LGBTQ people led by conservative agitators, who have weaponized identity to fit their goals

She Cuts the Most Famous Hair in Hollywood — From Her Garage
She Cuts the Most Famous Hair in Hollywood — From Her Garage

In three decades, she’s given her signature trim to everyone from David Beckham and Muhammad Ali, to David Bowie and Brad Pitt. And mostly does so from the barber’s chair that sits in the middle of her one-car garage

The Newest Type of Guy Is the Guy Who Points Out a New Type of Guy

This guy, for one, can’t handle any more this guys

Shooting Suspect Appeared to Cyberstalk Woman Before Texas Elementary School Attack

The killer tagged her in a photo of his guns and sent her cryptic messages. Now she’s the target of an online smear campaign

The Toxic Male Prophecy of ‘In the Company of Men’

Writer-director Neil LaBute looks back at his brilliant, blistering satire, which remains depressingly relevant today



The True Test of a Man Is the Midnight Convenience Store Run

How he performs on this precarious quest (see: which spicy chips he brings you) can speak volumes about his strength, fortitude and capacity for caretaking (see: feeding you snacks)

Anti-LGBTQ Backlash Is Starting to Sound Like ‘Gay Replacement Theory’

An uptick in people identifying as queer or trans has doubters claiming ‘social contagion’

It’s a Nu-Metal Shorts Summer, Baby

Last summer was all about short shorts for men. This year, it’s all about whatever System of a Down was wearing in 1999. Are you down with the sickness?

Best of MEL

Fox News Convinced Them COVID Was Fake. Then They Got Sick.

‘I have no doubt that President Trump and Fox News have caused people to die.’ This is what it’s like to lose your dad twice — first to Rush Limbaugh, then to the ICU as he battles a disease he believes is a hoax

The Afterlife of the Male Model

What happens to young men when they quit the modeling industry? While some exit the business gracefully, others take a nose dive, only to find salvation at the Cheesecake Factory

The Wild Ride of America’s Most Dangerous Theme Park

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Action Park — unofficially known as Class Action Park, Traction Park and Accident Park — was ‘Lord of the Flies’ with a Jersey twist and a higher death count

Racial Justice

Every Plantation in the Country Should Be Turned Into a Slavery Museum

Today, they’re either tourist traps or the backdrop for weddings. But like Auschwitz and the sites of other concentration camps in Europe, they need to serve a much bigger purpose — making sure that America never forgets the horror of slavery.

When Bill Clinton Asked Black America to Forgive the U.S. for Tuskegee

It was intended to be an apology, but it ultimately turned into the most powerful man in the world requesting Black Americans to once again forgive the wrongs done to us

‘Buck Status: Broken’: Behind the Violently Racist Phrase on the Buffalo Shooter’s Gun

After his arrest, authorities found names, memes and coded messages hand-painted across the mass shooter’s weapons. One of the lesser known phrases refers to white men sexually dominating Black men on plantations, and its inclusion in white supremacist rhetoric reveals a fixation on Black men’s genitalia and a desire for sexual power


Three Breezy Summer Fabrics That Aren’t Linen

You’re not gonna sweat (in) any of them

Social Traditionalists Like Jordan Peterson Are Wearing All the Wrong Suits

They think they’re being all grownup and following in the sartorial footsteps of the ‘real men’ of yore. But their fits tell a very different story

Brandy Melville Is a Fountainhead for Libertarian Fashion

Most of Brandy Melville’s customers would probably be surprised to learn that the makers of their beloved baby tees are affiliated with several libertarian-leaning brands and sub-brands. But are their politics really the problem?

The Manosphere

Even Nicholas Fuentes’ Friends Are Calling Him Out on His Bullshit

Why is the white nationalist losing some of his best men? Blame it on dishonesty, infighting and the burden of working with a volatile man-child of a leader

Tinder Isn’t Why We Have Incels

Citing data that correlates the rise in sexless men with the advent of Tinder, some are claiming that the app is responsible for bolstering incel culture. Not only is this wrong — it entirely misses the point

The Online Influencers Mainstreaming White Supremacy to Teen Boys

A new set of virulently racist livestreamers are getting to a younger generation long before they’ve ever heard of Tucker Carlson


The Mystifying Self-Suck of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’

This weekend, HBO gave us its weirdest take on blow jobs ever: a time-traveling man who sucks his own cock. Thanks, I guess?

Meet the Guys Who Think We Shouldn’t Be Objectifying Thor

According to some Marvel fans, the nude Norse god is proof of a ‘double standard’

The Secret, Deeply Satisfying Art of Sneaking Booze into a Movie Theater

A collection of stories about how a bit of alcohol can (almost) always enhance the moviegoing experience


John Mulaney Doesn’t Know His Own Fans

Bringing out Dave Chappelle at a show signals a disconnect between the comedian and the queer community that loves him

The Tiny Colorado Town That Became the ‘Sex Change Capital of the World’

Three hours south of Denver and located in the mountains along the Santa Fe trail, the small, semi-conservative town was home to a forward-thinking local doctor whose pioneering surgeries would change trans health care forever

Trans Women Are Swooning Over a Cis Het Ally Named Tristan

The 26-year-old has been declared a ‘king’ and a ‘Chad’ for saying he sucks women’s dicks


Doctors Might Prescribe Vibrators One Day

Although the health benefits of masturbation are well-established, new research suggests that the medicinal value of vibrators remains largely untapped

Can I Use My Health Savings Account to Pay for the Gym?

I need to work out just to be strong enough to cut through all of the bureaucratic red tape

What Can I Eat with a Sore Throat That Won’t Leave Me in Agony?

I’m on my seventh pint of ice cream, and things have only grown colder



Even After the Big Masculinity Reckoning, Women Are Still Lying About Sex to Make Men Feel Better

As a new study shows, women withhold honest sexual communication from their male partners in order to ‘protect’ their perceived masculinity

Everyone Thinks Shirtless Men Are a Bunch of Dumb Sluts

Men with shirtless photos on their dating app profiles are judged as less competent and more sexually risky than their more covered-up competition, a new study suggests

The ‘Password Child’ Is the Favorite Son of the Digital Age

Ever wonder if you’re your parent’s favorite child? Ask your mom what her Netflix password is

Life in a Pandemic

All the Luxury Items PPP Scammers Bought with Taxpayer Dollars

Not everyone who received pandemic relief through the Paycheck Protection Program was planning to keep businesses afloat through an unprecedented time. Instead, some defrauded the government out of millions and blew it on Lamborghinis and Rolexes

Can Low Testosterone Make You More Susceptible to Severe COVID Symptoms?

The connection between COVID and testosterone has been all over the map since the pandemic began. But a new study may have found some promising answers

For Some People, Face Masks Are Staying on to Cover Their Insecurities

‘I’m an introvert to my core and I love the superpower the mask gives me to feel invisible’


What Does a Reasonably Priced Personal Trainer Cost?

I don’t need to train like I’m getting ready for a Marvel movie, but I definitely need someone to do more than count reps

A Hot Dog Hoax Sent Costco’s Stock Tumbling

No, the store isn’t charging more for its beloved food court combo — but in this meme economy, they may as well

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Mental Health

What Do You Call the Anxiety You Get When Someone Starts Treating You Differently?

As much as you cannot control how people treat you, unconsciously we’re all trying to establish predictable patterns for how others might act. And when individuals deviate from those patterns, anxiety inevitably sets in

How Sleep Memory Holes All the Bad Stuff That Happens to You

A new study reveals that when we’re in a state of REM sleep, our brain sorts through our emotional memories and kicks any negativity to the curb

There’s No Mental Health System That Can Stop Angry Young Men Like the Buffalo Shooter

The Buffalo shooter underwent a psychiatric evaluation in June 2021 after making threatening comments in school. Blame is falling on the school, police and mental health professionals for letting him go — but the fact is, our system was never designed to catch a mass killer



What to Eat with Steak That’s Not Potatoes

Vegetables? A salad? More steak? What else can stand up to the T-bone on my dinner plate?

What Kind of Hell Is This Room-Temperature Hummus Gonna Bring Upon on My Insides?

I swear that it was in the fridge until just like six or seven hours ago

The Simple Pleasure of Wikipedia-ing What You’re Eating When You’re Eating It

Well, do you know how that cottage cheese was made?

True Crime

Wait, These Two Jackasses Are Back?

‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli and Fyre Fest scammer Billy McFarland got out of prison on the same day, which does not bode well for America

The Unholy War of Polygamist Cult Leader, Ervil LeBaron, aka ‘The Mormon Manson’

In the 1970s, the leader of a sect of fundamentalist Mormons launched a campaign of murder that terrorized communities in both Mexico and the U.S., all in the name of God, blood Atonement and domination over his rival Mormon polygamists

An Eternity to Die: The ‘Heat’-Inspired Bank Robbery That Shook Los Angeles

In 1997, two men dressed in body armor and armed with assault rifles walked into a Bank of America and proceeded to get into a 45-minute-long gun battle with the LAPD. It was a showdown that would forever change the shape of policing in America

Oral History

A Ballsy Oral History of the Life-Saving Deadpool Testicular Cancer PSA

In 2016, a cheeky ‘Deadpool’ ad taught millions of men how to check their ‘smooth criminals’ for testicular cancer. Years later, many men says it saved their lives

Crikey! The Wet, Wild First Season of ‘The Crocodile Hunter’

Members of the show’s very tiny, very familial crew recount how Steve Irwin changed the nature documentary forever just by virtue of always being himself

An Oral History of the ‘King of the Hill’ Episode Where Bobby Kicks Everyone in the Balls

‘Bobby Goes Nuts’ has long been remembered (and meme-ified) for its hilarious nut-shot mantra, ‘That’s my purse! I don’t know you!’ But it’s what all those nut shots says about fathers and sons that truly stands the test of time