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Goats Are All The Rage Right Now

I’m in the midst of an hourlong yoga class at Laughing Frog Yoga in Santa Monica, during which a pair of 15-pound white baby Nigerian. Read More

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The Movie Deaths That Put Michael Myers to Shame

This weekend sees the return (again) of Michael Myers, the homicidal maniac who first tortured Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie character way back in 1978. And…

Happy Animals

The River Is Me

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Memes Are Poisoning Our Youth and We Must Stop Them at All Costs

We have never wanted for a moral panic over “kids these days.” If it’s not heavy metal music laced with Satanic messages, it’s hyper-violent video…

What’s in This?: Hot Pockets

We’re often told that you should never eat anything (or put anything on your body) if you don’t recognize everything on the ingredients list. But…

Mim Shaikh’s ‘Finding Dad’ and Absentee Fathers in South Asian Families

For all of 27-year-old Mim Shaikh’s accomplishments — his resume boasts a collection of high-profile BBC radio and TV gigs — a dark question has…

The World’s Worst Pizza, Handjobs by Lisa Rinna and Big Bird’s Dark Side

How’s everyone’s weekend so far? Feeling the Sunday Scaries coming on? Well, if you care about not slipping into madness any more than you already…

The Very Sunday Best of the Viral ASMR Nun

Did you ever think pretending to be sick with the bubonic plague in the 14th century while a nun charged you for her bedside care…


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