The Original Celebrity Fitness Grifter Was Popeye the Sailor Man
The Original Celebrity Fitness Grifter Was Popeye the Sailor Man

Or should that be, Popeye the Swindler Man?

Italy’s 70-Year-Old Porn Star Politician Is Still Fighting, Tits Out and All
Italy’s 70-Year-Old Porn Star Politician Is Still Fighting, Tits Out and All

Whether straddling famous artists or protesting nuclear energy with one boob exposed, La Cicciolina is nothing short of legendary

Meat Loaf Was the Voice of Horny, Insecure Teen Boys Everywhere
Meat Loaf Was the Voice of Horny, Insecure Teen Boys Everywhere

The late superstar’s ‘Bat Out of Hell’ remains a ridiculous, incredibly honest portrait of what it’s like to be young and full of hormones you can’t understand or control

A Delicious Oral History of ‘Mac Tonight’
A Delicious Oral History of ‘Mac Tonight’

From the height of McDonald’s national ad campaigns to career-ending lawsuits to the dark corners of alt-right internet forums, this is the story of the ultimate 1980s fast-food mascot

Lies, Bribes and Catholic Rites: The Dentist Accused of Killing His Wife on an African Safari

After Bianca Rudolph was found with a major gun-shot wound to her chest, Zambian police determined her death to be an accident. But numerous suspicious elements of the case have turned it into a multi-year murder investigation — and her husband of 34 years into the main suspect

The Inside Story of iBeer, the Underdog Beer App That Made Millions

The work of a down-and-out magician, nothing was bigger during the App Store’s first year of existence. But like so many overnight successes, iBeer got drunk on money and power and last call arrived far too soon

Meta Girlfriends Are the Most Cringe Trend in NFTs

Want to pay hard cash for customizable avatars of slender, perfectly coiffed cartoon girls that you can see ‘exclusive’ nudes of? Welcome to the latest wrinkle in the bonkers world of NFTs


How China and Russia Are Weaponizing Racism Against the U.S.

The debate over CRT in American schools not only denies history, but dooms the present because our enemies and rivals understand that racism is America’s Achilles heel

The Secret Male Sex Workers of Ancient Rome

Etched onto the walls of a seriously old brothel is definitive proof that male sex workers lived, worked and fucked — often queerly — before a conservative emperor wiped them out

Caffeinated Beverages Are a Perfect Nightcap

Sure, the health influencer set considers this insane. But my 83-year-old Persian grandmother has lived enough life to know better

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How White People Can Celebrate Black History Month Without Making It Weird
Stop Scapegoating the Black Male Vote
Abolish ICE. Abolish Homeland Security. There’s No Doubt Left.
Let’s Break Down Ice Cube’s ‘Contract With Black America’

Best of MEL

Fox News Convinced Them COVID Was Fake. Then They Got Sick.

‘I have no doubt that President Trump and Fox News have caused people to die.’ This is what it’s like to lose your dad twice — first to Rush Limbaugh, then to the ICU as he battles a disease he believes is a hoax

The Afterlife of the Male Model

What happens to young men when they quit the modeling industry? While some exit the business gracefully, others take a nose dive, only to find salvation at the Cheesecake Factory

The Wild Ride of America’s Most Dangerous Theme Park

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Action Park — unofficially known as Class Action Park, Traction Park and Accident Park — was ‘Lord of the Flies’ with a Jersey twist and a higher death count

Racial Justice

Every Plantation in the Country Should Be Turned Into a Slavery Museum

Today, they’re either tourist traps or the backdrop for weddings. But like Auschwitz and the sites of other concentration camps in Europe, they need to serve a much bigger purpose — making sure that America never forgets the horror of slavery.

Sidney Poitier Was Also ‘Not Your Negro’

The legendary actor just passed away at age 94, leaving behind an iconic body of work as an actor, director and producer — but his greatest legacy was how he lived on his own terms, without any shortage of grace or dignity

The Florida ‘Teacher of the Year’ Who Allegedly Assaulted a Student to Prove She’s Not Racist

A school in the Sunshine State recognized a teacher for her excellence as an educator, but just two days later, a Black student said she attacked her for posting about how she’d used the n-word in class


Why Are Cummerbunds Worn Only with Tuxedos?

If I wear it with my pajamas, does that make me a hypebeast?

What Exactly Am I Getting from a ‘Heritage’ Brand?

Age? Quality? Luxury? The term has come to mean a lot of different things over the last couple of decades. But is it any more than marketing jargon?

What Kind of Socks Go with Every Kind of Pants?

The only thing I’m sure of is that the suit with bare ankles look isn’t for me

The Manosphere

Incels Actually Defined This New Dating Trend Correctly

‘Jestermaxxing’ is an incel term for when you stop trying to be hot and start trying to be funny, but everyday guys have co-opted it as their latest dating strategy

The State of the Manosphere in 2022: A Roundtable

Attacks from incels and the ‘manosphere’ aren’t getting any better — and we don’t have any easy answers for how to stop them either. As we enter a new year in earnest, here’s where we’re at with misogynist violence, through the eyes of three experts

France Spawned the ‘King of Incels,’ But Today’s ‘Francels’ Are Going Unseen

Incels are notoriously irascible, but they seem to be particularly so toward ‘Francels,’ who can’t quite seem to find footing among the internet’s bitterest men


Three Spelunkers Go Deep on ‘Fraggle Rock’

Just ahead of the new ‘Fraggle Rock’ reboot, I had some burning questions about Fraggles, Doozers and the acoustic quality of caves

A Short History of Movies That Sat on the Shelf Forever

This weekend’s ‘The King’s Daughter’ was shot in 2014 but is only coming out now. Does that mean it’s good? Hollywood’s history with long-delayed releases suggests not

Will Forte Was the Perfect Sad Son in ‘Nebraska’

As the veteran comic enjoys the ‘MacGruber’ renaissance and his first ‘SNL’ hosting gig, here’s a reminder that his best role was in an Alexander Payne drama about the impossibility of knowing your dad


The Agony and Ecstasy of Packing Underwear for Trans Guys

It can be challenging for trans guys to find a good-fitting pair of underwear that they can pack in, but a number of companies and influencers have stepped up to the plate to show them how

Gay Car Boys Is the Site Where Twinks and Toyotas Collide

The queer community has traditionally rejected the hyper-machoism of car culture, but Australian motor-fan Alan Zurvas is on a mission to change that

The Amateur Detectives Obsessed With Finding ‘Him,’ the Lost Gay Jesus Porn Film

With its crucifixion gang bangs and furiously masturbating gay priests, ‘Him‘ might just be the most sacrilegious porn ever made. Problem is, no one can seem to resurrect it


Does Cooking My Vegetables Hurt Their Vegetable-ness?

I’m not gonna even ask about the pound of butter I require in order to choke them down

Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Fruit Juice?

Until I first saw a commercial for a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, I don’t think I took juice seriously as a mechanism for delivering anything…

How Not to Feel Smug If You Haven’t Had COVID

I’ve been lucky the past two years — and it’s messing with my head



How Not to Be West Elm Caleb

It’s easy to look at Caleb in terms of the internet’s violent propensity for canceling and doxing everyday people, but it’s much more useful to learn from his mistakes

When You Share Everything with Your Partner Except Your Salary

How can you love someone you can’t trust enough to see your paycheck?

‘Does This Make My Butt Look Big?’ Is Not the Question It Used to Be

Pro-ass attitudes are a major win for the body positivity movement

Life in a Pandemic

The Smart Drug Beloved by Doctors, Nootropics Users and Anti-Vaxxers

NAC has been sold as a supplement since the 1990s, but in the face of its growing popularity, the FDA recently claimed that it’s actually a drug, leaving many worried about its accessibility in the future

Sniffing Out the Connection Between COVID and Yankee Candles

Nothing on this earth smells stronger than a Yankee Candle. If you can’t smell yours, you probably have COVID — er, at least that’s what a series of (literally) viral Twitter charts imply

The Year of Head Empty

If 2020 was a time of restless paranoia, 2021 was the braindead sequel


The Sweet Satisfaction of Splurging

‘Retail therapy’ is probably the last thing your therapist is going to suggest to improve your mood, but even when you have little money to spare, treating yourself can sometimes be the best medicine

The Awkward, Uncomfortable Art of Getting Someone to Pay You Back

There are no hard-and-fast rules for navigating the agony of asking someone to return the money you loaned them, but there are definitely a few good guidelines

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Mental Health

Wait, Too Much Serotonin Can Be a Bad Thing?

Depends on how you view copious amounts of rage and diarrhea

When Does My Bad Behavior Officially Become Self-Destructive?

If I keep my coping mechanisms small, does that mean I’ll never have a big problem on my hands?

‘Send Me a Dated Invoice from Your Therapist’ Is a Terrible Meme — And Relationship Advice

Actual therapists think you can do much better if you want your connection to last



The Holy Grail of Garlic Is the Solo Chungus Bulb

That’s no small onion, baby, that’s an entire head of garlic fused into a single clove

Is a Canned Vegetable a Phony Vegetable?

Do these green beans from six years ago pack any kind of nutritional punch whatsoever?

Is It Possible to Retrain My Taste Buds to Like Vegetables?

Or at the very least, vegetables on my pizza

True Crime

The Mad Glitter Bombers of Clearwater, Florida

Police say they left their victim’s upper torso and head covered in funfetti — and, of course, with a ton of vacuuming to do

Twice Burnt! The Scammers Who Scam People Who Just Got Scammed

So many people are getting swindled these days that there’s now a lucrative industry of con artists preying on those who just got conned. They’re called recovery scammers and they’re raking in the stolen cash

Felonious Birds: Pigeon Spies, Cartel Lookout Parrots and Killer Subway Street Birds

A bird’s-eye view of avian adventures in crime

Oral History

An Oral History of the Most Painful Move in UFC History

In March 2011, ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung shocked the MMA world by putting ‘Bad Boy’ Leonard Garcia into ‘The Twister,’ a submission hold that’s as agonizing as it is rare. Here, from Garcia and others, is the story behind the screams

And the Joker Got Away: An Oral History of ‘Christmas with the Joker’

Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy and producer Paul Dini reflect on the Joker’s first appearance in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and how it set the definitive tone for the Batman vs. Joker rivalry

It’s Turbo Time: An Oral History of ‘Jingle All the Way’

Derided by critics but beloved by families and fans, the Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy has since become a Christmas classic. Here’s how it all came together