In the Psychological Family Drama ‘The Nest,’ Home Is Where the Hate Is

A haunted-house movie without phantoms, this moody stunner stars Jude Law as a dad who moves his wife and children to London, causing them all to mysteriously implode in the process

I Still Don’t Know What ‘Ratched’ Has to Do With ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’

Netflix’s origin story for Nurse Ratched could shed light on a character long demonized as a monster. Instead, we get a silly, campy, pointless thriller.

They Fell in Love. He Converted. What About the Circumcision?

For some adult male converts to Judaism, the biggest challenge isn’t the rabbinic tribunal, the hours of classes or even keeping kosher — it’s saying goodbye to their foreskin

Why Grown-Ass Men Get So Emotional About Carly Rae Jepsen

‘Dedicated’ only begins to describe CRJ’s male fanbase — so we asked more than 60 dudes to cut to the feeling and tell us why

YouTube Has an Animal Abuse Problem, Putting Cats and Dogs at Risk

Despite public outrage, videos of cat decapitation, puppy abuse and mouse torture continue to amass views on YouTube. Can the company come up with a solution?

David Chang’s New Memoir Picks Up Where Bourdain and ‘Kitchen Confidential’ Left Off

It feels like a balm to read the famous chef unpack the baggage from so many elements of his life

‘The Devil All the Time’ Knows That Men Are Bad, Bro

This Gothic thriller wants to say something significant about masculinity and violence. But the movie’s indulgence of its dreary worldview is the most bro-y thing about it.

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Where Are the Black WWE Champs?


Our Quest to Determine Exactly What’s So ‘Lit’ About the Travis Scott Meal at McDonald’s

It’s a regular McD’s order, just with barbecue sauce and a celebrity endorsement. What the hell, it’s only $6 — bring on the diarrhea

You’re Gonna Want to Sit Down for This

The MEL guide to face-sitting, femdom and not suffocating your partner (for too long, at least)

Whose Job Is It to Fix My Shitty Internet Service — the Government, or My Service Provider?

This should be an easy question to answer, but the reality is mind-bogglingly complex — we broke it down as simply as possible


How the ‘You Have to Stop’ TikTok Meme Went From Shitpost to Dr. Phil

The biggest trend on TikTok is a hilarious self-help parody. Also, stop calling Dr. Phil daddy.

The ‘Undo Send’ Button on Gmail Is Proof Email Is Superior

You know you can make the unsend period longer than five seconds, right?

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‘Challenger: The Final Flight’ Is a Tragedy About How NASA Thought It Was Too Big to Fail

After the triumph of the moon landing, the space agency seemingly could do no wrong. A new Netflix documentary series illustrates how that arrogance led directly to the 1986 space shuttle disaster.

How ‘A Simple Favor’ Became a Queer Cult Classic

Now streaming, Paul Feig’s campy thriller is getting its due — two years too late

‘We Are Who We Are’ Turns Teendom Into a Fleeting Paradise

Luca Guadagnino’s HBO series focuses on some high schoolers left to their own devices on an army base. It’s a beautifully meandering show — and a reminder that one of the best/worst things about being a teenager is that it can’t last


Portland Exposes How Freely Police Kill Leftists — Like Black Panther Fred Hampton

Over and over, our justice system fails to actually uphold the principle that people are innocent until proven guilty

America Needs a General Strike. The NBA Just Paved the Way.

There’s a movement growing beyond pro ball. It’s worked before. Here’s what it’d look like now.

As COVID Deaths Mount, Prison Wives Are Fighting to Save the Men They Love

With the penal system as callous as ever and coronavirus ravaging California prisons, they fear they’re the only thing standing between life and death for their husbands


What It’s Like to Have Sex When You’re Nonbinary

A candid conversation with four nonbinary luminaries about the agony and ecstasy of seeking pleasure in a binary world

The New Barbie Has a Mullet

For Barbie Ferreira, star of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Unpregnant,’ coming out onscreen was personal

Why Some Queer Women Frame Sex With Men as Self-Harm

Thanks to a viral Reddit document called ‘AM I A LESBIAN,’ many women are seeing dissociative, self-destructive hetero hookups in a new light


Will Guys Risk Blindness to Remove Their Bulging Forehead Veins?

In high school, my forehead vein gave me the nickname Flux Capacitor. It still haunts me. I asked a doctor what the heck I can do about it

That Zit Cream Might Save Your Life One Day

Researchers recently found that a specific chemical often used to treat acne might work against the leading cause of heart failure

Toothbrushing Is Becoming Increasingly Gamified for Some Reason

Smart toothbrushes with apps that provide real-life rewards like gift cards are becoming a thing, but are they really necessary?

Early Aughts

Was Dave Chappelle Crazy, or Were We?

When the comedian vanished in 2005, he gave up superstardom and a $50 million contract. White America called him crazy. But there’s another side to his story — about race, mental health and a priceless taste of freedom — that everyone seemed to miss.

We Were All Rooting for ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Now We’re Holding It Accountable.

‘ANTM,’ but make it 2020. The backlash to the iconic show is growing louder — but don’t confuse criticism for cancellation

Sex, Lies and Cheap Cologne: An Oral History of Abercrombie & Fitch’s Softcore Porn Mag

The story of how an oversexed, strangely intellectual magazine by a polo shirt brand completed the improbable task of changing the course of sexuality in America’s malls, homes and moose-print boxers

🔥Scorching-Hot Summer Takes🔥

Always Pee in the Pool

Let it go — you know you want to

Pop-Tarts Should Never Be Toasted

It’s a boxed pastry. There’s no need to get fancy with a bougie-ass char

The Water Park Is the Beach You’re Looking For

Sure, there’s a lot of piss. But there’s also a lot of fun to be had in that piss.


When Guys Lie About Their Age to Date Older Women, It’s Child’s Play

Sooner or later, the ruse always falls apart. Is it self-sabotage? Sociopathy? Or just immaturity?

Your Partner Tested Negative. Yes, You Still Need a COVID Test.

Some people don’t test positive for coronavirus, even though their partner has it. But that doesn’t mean they’re in the clear.

Are Women More Likely to Get Pregnant if They Orgasm?

Some have theorized that the vaginal contractions of orgasm ‘suck’ semen up into the uterus, but others call it bunk science. What gives?

Latest on Coronavirus

N95 Masks Can Be Recharged. But Not by You, Sorry

You probably don’t have any electromagnetic plates laying around and — wait, how’d you get ahold of an N95 mask, anyway?

With Running Buddies, a Disrupted College Social Life Gets Back on Track

As COVID shakes up the school year, college freshmen ditch the orientation rager and make connections mile by mile

The Bleak Reality of Approaching 60 and Getting Laid Off During the Pandemic

Retirement isn’t an option when you’re flirting with bankruptcy


Money Isn’t Real, So Start Hoarding Chuck E. Cheese Prize Tickets

The bankrupt brand is preparing to destroy 7 billion of the stubs, adding unprecedented value to the rest

How Much Money Can I Make Turning My Car Into a Billboard?

That is, if my gas tab doesn’t cost me more than I earn

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Is a Porn Site’s Mental Health Campaign Really the Release We Need?

YouPorn pivots to crying it out with a new, confessional-style category about the horrors of 2020. Is it helpful, or just a gimmick?

Justin Bieber Is Bringing Back the Dirtbag Haircut

Working from home is allowing normally clean-cut dudes to safely experiment with long hair for the first time. And suddenly, the Biebs is our guiding light

Is Duty-Free Cheaper Than Buying Stuff in a Regular Store?

And is there anything stopping you from buying a bottle of alcohol there for the plane ride, instead of paying for miniatures?

Ultimate Summer Movie Guide

Oh No! You’re a Terrible Labor Day Movie!

‘Mulan’ and ‘Tenet’ are exciting film options for the holiday weekend, but normally this is when studios quietly bury their worst offerings

In 2004, ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Became the Mostly Unlikely Summer Blockbuster Ever

Michael Moore didn’t want George W. Bush to win a second presidential term. So he decided to make a documentary about him. It turned into a sensation, but it failed in its mission.

‘RoboCop 2,’ ‘Cars 3’ and the Summer Sequels That Were One Too Many

Hollywood studios will keep milking their most popular franchises until audiences stop showing up. Here’s a salute to the misfires that ended up being deal-breakers.


Why Pizza-Flavored Snack Foods Never Taste Anything Like Pizza

From Combos to Pringles to Keebler’s defunct Pizzarias chips — why can’t anyone get this right?

Yes, You Have to Refrigerate Your Hot Sauce

This is one instance where you should never abide by the label — unless, of course, you hate flavor and yourself

How to Combine Leftovers for Endless Eats and Easy, Delicious Food

Make more leftovers with your leftovers for nonstop leftovers!

True Crime

A Con Man Preyed on Single Women Looking for Love. Then Two Documentary Filmmakers Decided to Bring Him Down.

The Showtime series ‘Love Fraud’ profiles the strange story of Richard Scott Smith, who systematically married and then bankrupted middle-aged women. Directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady discuss their quest to find Smith and how his crimes hit harder in our #MeToo age.

Drug-Smuggling Cats, Grand Theft Monkeys and Cop Dogs: When Pets Are Criminal Masterminds

Few would think a heroin-porting cat could be so smart. That would be their mistake.

It’s Been a Year Since Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

What 2019’s darkest meme told us about the catastrophes to come

Oral History

The Oral History of the Vodka Red Bull

As told by the bartenders who first poured it — and created a monster

The Definitive Oral History of Reddit GoneWild

Before amateur porn was all the rage, horny exhibitionists created one of its most popular (and free) spaces online

An Oral History of ‘Steamed Hams,’ the Funniest ‘Simpsons’ Scene Ever Recorded

You wouldn’t have seen this in Utica, no. It’s an Albany show.