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The Best Thrusting Dildos for When You Want the Toy to Do the Work

There’s a lot that sex toys can do to make you feel good. They can vibrate, press into erogenous zones, rotate, suck and lick, just to name a few possibilities. There’s something uniquely pleasurable about toys that thrust, though. Fucking yourself with a dildo is one thing; getting fucked by a dildo is another thing entirely.

Thrusting can create a firmer impact against pressure-sensitive areas like the G-spot and prostate, not only stimulating the surface of these spots, but also the deeper tissues beneath. This can make self-thrusting toys a good pick if you’re hoping to squirt or have a prostate orgasm, both phenomena that tend to require a fast, firm motion that you may not be capable of providing for yourself.

These internal erogenous zones are usually better at sensing pressure and motion than they are at detecting more subtle sensations, like vibration. So even if you’ve felt kinda “meh” about internal vibrators in the past, you might find that a self-thrusting toy — with or without additional vibration — feels more stimulating, and leads you toward orgasm more easily and reliably.

Thrusting toys also pair well with lots of sexual fantasies, since their motion is initiated by the toy itself, not by you. Because of this, it can feel more like another person is doing it (or an alien, centaur or a robot — whatever turns your crank!).

There’s a wide variety of thrusting toys available, from small handheld vibes that jiggle back and forth to full-on sex machines. There are a few considerations that’ll be important for any thrusting toy you choose to buy, though. So allow me to lay out the thrust of my argument…

What to Look for in a Thrusting Dildo

1) Material: For safety and hygiene reasons, make sure to only buy sex toys made of materials known to be body-safe and non-porous. These are easy to clean, won’t trap bacteria and won’t cause skin irritation the way cheaper materials like rubber and PVC can. The most common body-safe material for thrusters is silicone, but if you happen to see any that are made of ABS plastic, that’s fine, too.

2) Texture: Thrusting, especially fast thrusting, can make the texture of your toy feel way more intense than it normally would. For this reason, if you’re easily overstimulated, you might prefer a toy with a smooth surface over something that has, say, ridges or “veins” along its shaft. Regardless of your toy’s texture, you’ll want to use a lot of water-based lube to ensure the thrusts are pleasurable rather than irritating.

3) Stability: Some thrusting toys have a suction cup base, so that you can attach them to a hard, flat surface like a floor, wall or mirror. This means the toy can thrust with abandon without wobbling out of position. If your thruster doesn’t have a suction cup, you can either hold it in your hand or prevent it from wiggling out of place by putting a pillow or other object against the base of the toy while it’s inside you. Sex machines, on the other hand, are usually engineered with stability in mind; a good one will stay put while you use it.

4) Adjustability: Generally speaking, the more you pay for a thruster, the more options you can expect in terms of adjustability. The fanciest ones allow you to change the angle, speed and length of their thrusts, which is great because you’ll probably want different intensities and tempos depending on where you are in your arousal process. For sex machines, it’s helpful if the height of the product can be adjusted, so that you don’t have to contort yourself into awkward positions to use it.

5) Flared Base: If you plan on using a thruster vaginally, then it doesn’t really matter if it has a wide base or not. But anything you’re putting in your butt should have a base that’s wider than the widest point of the toy itself, to prevent it from getting lost inside you. Having a runaway thruster in your butt does not sound like a good time. 

Ready to thrust into a whole new world of pleasure? Below are some of the best thrusting dildos, thrusting vibrators and sex machines on the market.

Best Realistic Thrusting Dildo: BMS Naked Addiction 9” Thrusting Dong

This USB-rechargeable thrusting dildo earned stellar reviews from two long-time sex toy reviewers. Felicity at Phallophile Reviews wrote, “I came a minute into using this toy the first time, and I was sold.” Meanwhile, Cy at Super Smash Cache called it “the ‘I can’t stop coming’ kind of dildo that I’d set aside time to use all night.” 

Made of squishy silicone, this dildo is meant to resemble a real penis as closely as possible — only it moves way faster than any dick I’ve ever seen. You get seven different speed settings to play with, and can control them via either the buttons on the toy or an included remote. There’s a suction-cup base in case you want to use it that way, and you can even wear it in a harness for some turbocharged strap-on sex. It’s waterproof, too, so feel free to take it in the shower or bath.

One downside of the BMS Naked Addiction is its above-average dimensions; with six inches of insertable length and a 1.75-inch diameter, it might feel too big for some users. Whether or not you’re used to using toys this size, this one’s thrusting action is so intense that water-based lube is a must.

Best G-Spot Thruster: Fun Factory Stronic G

If you know anything about the G-spot, you probably know that a “come hither” motion is most often mentioned as the best way to stroke it. This silicone pulsator aims to achieve that same effect. Its upward-tilted, flat head finds the right spot with ease, and it thrusts back and forth at speeds ranging from “Ooh, that feels nice” to “HOLY SHIT.”

The thrusting motion of Fun Factory toys is subtle and small compared to plenty of others on this list; it could be more accurately described as jiggling back and forth. But the shape of this toy makes even that minuscule movement feel impactful as it sweeps over the G-spot.

Stability is the main issue here; the Stronic G tends to shimmy its way out of the vagina, unless you hold it in your hand or brace the end of it against something like a pillow. But dealing with that is NBD when the thrusts are this concentrated and satisfying. If you’re a squirter, lay down a towel before using this toy — just trust me on this one!

Best Extra-Powerful Thrusting Dildo: Velvet Thruster Teddy

When a sex toy company specializes in only one thing, they often do that thing very well. Velvet Co. is known for their thrusters, so naturally, they’re some of the best ones out there.

This one is rechargeable and has six different thrusting speeds that go up to 128 strokes per minute. Its 2.5-inch range of motion can’t be adjusted, but that’d be a Goldilocks-perfect thrust length for many users anyway. A suction-cup base gives you options for positioning and helps keep the toy stable even while it’s thrusting at top speed. The wideness of the suction cup also means that the Thruster Teddy is safe to use anally.

For full control, you can make your own custom-built thruster using Velvet’s on-site design tool. But the basic Thruster Mini Teddy model is much cheaper, and thrusts nearly as fast and as hard.

Best Thrusting Dual-Stimulation Vibrator: Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator

For a lot of folks with vulvas, the combo of internal thrusting and external vibration can be explosively pleasurable. This rechargeable silicone toy gives you both at once, at a reasonable price.

Normally, the bunny ears found on rabbit vibes are soft and insubstantial — but these are thicker and firmer than average, and transmit deep, rumbling vibration to the clit and surrounding area. As for the thrusting shaft of the toy, it’s got a flared shape at the head that’s vaguely reminiscent of an actual penis, which allows it to stroke the G-spot more insistently than a smooth, straight shaft could. There are three different thrusting speeds, which range from 70 to 115 thrusts per minute. This toy gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “fucking like jackrabbits”!

Best Thruster for Prostate Massage: Lelo Loki Wave

This toy might be the “odd one out” on this list, because it doesn’t exactly thrust — instead it sort of strokes or pulls, like a partner’s fingers rhythmically curling against your prostate over and over. The motion is slower than most actual people would go in that situation, but when it combines with the toy’s eight powerful vibration settings and contoured shaft, it can create intense prostate sensations that a human would be hard-pressed to replicate.

The Loki Wave also has an external arm, which sits against the perineum and has its own impressively rumbly motor. Whether you combine it with dick stimulation — e.g., masturbating or receiving oral sex — or just use it on its own, there’s nothing quite like it. Oh, and you can totally use it inside a vagina, too. 

Best Warming Thruster: Zalo Desire Pre-Heating Thruster

One of the reasons that thrusters are so beloved is the way they imitate (however inaccurately) the motions of a human partner thrusting inside you. To that end, it’s neat that this thruster warms to slightly above body temperature when you turn on its pre-heating mode. It’s surprisingly soothing, like a warm bath for your junk.

The Zalo Desire doesn’t thrust as hard as some others on this list, even at the top end of its six settings — but it’s made of silicone that’s firm rather than squishy, so its thrusts are definitely stimulating nonetheless.

Best Sex Machine: Hismith Premium Sex Machine with KlicLok System

If you’ve tried other thrusters and want to take things to the next level — or if you just want the best of the best right off the bat and have a spare $500 laying around — this Hismith sex machine is one of the most highly regarded in its category. It’s got nearly a thousand five-star reviews on Amazon, and sex-toy reviewer Felicity says it offers “the best thrusting speed for the price.”

You get a lot of control with this device: the angle, stroke length and stroke speed can all be adjusted independently. It’s incredibly powerful, though you can turn down the speed if you’re in the mood for a gentler fuck. It’s surprisingly quiet for a sex machine, too. Perhaps its best feature, though, is that you can get various different adapters to use with different types of toy. The Vac-U-Lock attachment allows you to use it with any dildo or anal toy that has Doc Johnson’s proprietary Vac-U-Lock base, of which there are many to choose from. You can even connect the machine to a Hismith masturbation cup for an unparalleled dick-stroking experience.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hismith also has a smartphone app that can connect wirelessly to your machine, allowing you to program your own thrusting patterns and even let a far-away partner take control. What will they think of next?

Another Great Sex Machine: Lovense Sex Machine

Lovense, a company best known for their Bluetooth-controllable vibrators, recently thrust their way into the world of sex machines as well. There aren’t that many reviews of it yet, because it’s new and expensive ($719), but it looks promising.

You can connect it to Lovense’s well-designed app to control the machine wirelessly or let a long-distance partner do so. The machine is compatible with all Vac-U-Lock dildos and accessories, so if you’ve got the cash, you can build up a sizeable collection of toys that’ll work with it.

The stroke length, angle, height and speed can all be adjusted. Intriguingly, toys can be attached to both ends of this toy’s thrusting rod, meaning you could get fucked while your partner is also getting fucked at the same time. However, this feature might work better in theory than in practice, seeing as it might be hard to find an angle that’ll feel good for two people at once.

One word of warning: Someone on the r/SexToys subreddit said their Lovense machine stopped working when they tried to use it with a particularly large and heavy dildo. So if you’re a size fanatic, the Hismith model above would probably be a better pick. I can’t imagine it would be terribly sexy if your pricey new toy died inside you mid-bang.