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Kate Sloan

Kate Sloan is the author of the books '101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do' and '200 Words to Help You Talk About Sexuality & Gender,' and has reviewed over 300 sex toys on her blog at GirlyJuice.net, to the chagrin of her high school guidance counselor. She also cohosts the podcasts 'The Dildorks' and 'Question Box.'

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The Vibrator That (Literally) Bends Over Backwards for You

The super-flexible sex toy can be molded into almost any position that feels good, but despite its many promises, it’s gotten somewhat conflicting reviews

The Thrusting Butt Plug That Does the Work for You

If you’re into anal and you want a toy that feels a little more versatile or alive than a basic butt plus, the A-Play Adventurous Thrusting Plug could be right up your alley (if you wanna call it that)

Strap In and Get Off: The Best Harnesses for Strap-On Sex

Few things are more important during strap-on sex than having a sturdy, reliable harness you can forget you’re even wearing. Here a few of the best options — from comfy, underwear styles to sexy, strappy leather get-ups