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What’s the Average Number of Thrusts During the Average Bout of Sex?

It’s the sex equivalent of ‘How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?’ conundrum (which actually sounds dirtier)

“How long did you last?” is a question most guys have heard or asked at some point in their lives. But in light of recent news that researchers at Boston University developed a self-lubricating condom that can withstand the friction of a 1,000 thrusts, maybe they should be asking how many thrusts it takes for their dick to go from throbbing zero to cumming hero?

The results, published in the Royal Society Open Science journal, introduce a condom with a different kind of coating made from hydrophilic polymers, which is a boring way of saying they made a condom that gets slippery when it comes into contact with bodily fluids,” Esquire reports. “As for the 1,000 thrusts (dubbed ‘1,000 cycles’ in the paper), that’s how long the pre-coated condom is good for.”

Earlier this year, contributing writer Bridget Phetasy noted a 2005 study on “intravaginal ejaculation latency time.” According to her article, researchers found a huge variety in the times (i.e., the length people typically had sex), ranging from as low as 33 seconds to as high as 44 minutes. “The median time was 5.4 minutes, which is almost a full 2.5 minutes longer than back in the 1940s when famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey deduced that three-quarters of men finished within two minutes,” she reported.

To that end, according to an article in The Cut, a 2008 survey of sex therapists, found that sex is “too short” when it lasts one to two minutes. “‘Adequate’ is three to seven minutes, and ‘desirable’ is seven to 13,” per their report.

Still, none of these studies gets to the core of our concern — which is less interested in the length of time sex takes and more concerned with the number of thrusts it takes to ejaculate and how close that number comes (pun unavoidable) to the aforementioned 1,000. It’s a concern that Yelpers in Calabasas also seem to share. “Did you know that during sex, men thrust an average of 60-120 times?” wrote one person on Yelp. Clinical sexologist Sunny Rodgers tells me that she’s heard the same number. “That’s from entering the vagina to ejaculation,” she explains. According to Gonzo Today, however, it’s a little less, or about 40 thrusts for the average man to ejaculate. On the higher end of things, over on, 33 percent of men self-reported that it takes them 200 plus thrusts to finish.

So how can we verify any of this?

Well, according to Net Doctor, both partners tend to push forward at a rate of approximately once every 0.8 seconds. That means that men on average thrust 48 times per minute. And considering the median time for sex is 5.4 minutes, that means that the average number of thrusts it takes to ejaculate is closer to 260 humps or three different sessions of sex using the same self-lubricating condom.  

But let’s say you’re not the average ejaculator; instead, you’re a premature ejaculator. In that case, based on a 2017 study — among Indian men who suffer from premature ejaculation — your average number of thrusts is somewhere around 6.31. And while that isn’t great news, if you’re a glass-half-full kind of premature ejaculator, keep in mind that this new lubricating condom could technically stay lubricated for a cool 158 sex sessions. That is, of course, if the CDC hadn’t completely gone out of its way earlier this year to warn people to NEVER re-use a condom.

So scratch that, there’s definitely no positive way to spin 993.69 unused thrusts.