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5 Suction-Cup Dildos the Pros Swear By

A good suction cup dildo is the next best thing to riding the real deal, and these are the ones that cam performers, pro-dommes and sex toy reviewers love most

Humankind has come up with plenty of interesting uses for suction cups — cupping therapy, shower mirrors, Nerf darts — but no implementation is quite so inventive as the suction-cup dildo.

You’ve probably seen them in porn at some point, because they create quite a striking visual. Attaching a dildo to a wall or floor via suction cup gives users the ability to “throw it back” against the dildo, ride it and just generally fuck it without needing to thrust manually. This makes suction-cup toys super convenient for porn stars, cam performers and exhibitionists, as well as anyone who just prefers not to hold their dildo, for reasons ranging from disability to chronic pain to sheer laziness.

Why Do Sex Industry Pros Love Suction-Cup Dildos? 

Miss Kitty Kane, a U.K.-based pro domme, likes to incorporate this type of toy into sessions involving humiliation and oral or anal penetration. “Suction dildos are great because I can attach them to a floor or wall and have my clients suck and fuck them while I watch,” she says. “It allows for them to have a little more control, but also to be a bit more exhibitionistic than if I were to strap a dildo on.”

Cam performer Samantha Hayes likes the practicality of suction-cup dildos — their bases can act as a handle when not suctioned to a surface, and they also make clients feel more involved in what they’re seeing on screen. “A suction cup dildo offers up to an extra inch to create fantasies with,” she explains. “It’s much easier to place the suction cup slightly out of frame to offer fans a more realistic, inclusive experience (since they can see the balls), and it’s easier on the hands than a toy without a suction cup.”

How to Use a Suction-Cup Dildo

1) Pick the Right Surface. Suction cups work best on flat, hard, smooth surfaces, like windows, lacquered hardwood floors, tile walls, the bottom of a bathtub, etc. Avoid any surface that could cause issues if you pulled too hard on it, like wallpapered walls or thin glass. If your options are limited, try affixing your dildo to the front of a heavy, glossy hardcover book, like an old textbook left over from college, and riding that. Or, do like the pros and stick it to this now-iconic, highly fuckable plastic IKEA chair

2) Find a Position That Works for You. Whether you’re backing up onto your dildo, sitting down on it from above or attempting an even more ambitious angle of approach, you’ll want to figure out a position you can comfortably sustain. If you’ll be on your knees, or on all fours, laying down some padding underneath you (like pillows or a blanket) can help ease any pressure on your joints.

3) Lube, Lube, Lube. Riding or grinding on a dildo is much easier when it’s properly lubed. All the suction-cup dildos below are made of silicone, which is one of the most hygienic dildo materials but which can be damaged by silicone-based lube — so stick to a water-based one, and reapply as needed.

The Five Best Suction-Cup Dildos

New York Toy Collective Playtime Dildo

Although the New York Toy Collective is mostly known for their high-end silicone dildos, they also make this suction-cup one at a more reasonable price point ($49.95 to $69.95, depending on which size you get). It’s made of dual-density silicone, so its core is firm enough to stand up to hard and fast thrusting, but its exterior is soft enough to stay comfortable even during extended sessions.

“I’m obsessed with the New York Toy Collective Playtime line,” Hayes says. “It’s my number-one go-to toy on cam when fans ask for a dildo show.” She likes that it’s soft and squishy, compared to a lot of other toys of its type, and that it’s realistic enough to make viewers feel like they’re there with her.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Deluxe Suction Cup Plug Accessory & Vac-U-Lock Smooth Silicone

Kane is a fan of Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock system, which allows you to easily affix various attachments, including a suction cup, to the base of compatible dildos.

This accessory offers more than a standard suction cup, though: It can be swiveled and bent into the perfect position for you, and it has a lever-release mechanism for easier removal when you’re done. Pair it with Doc Johnson’s silicone Vac-U-Lock dildo, which can also be used on its own, in a strap-on harness or with other Vac-U-Lock accessories. 

Evolved Ballistic

Possibly the only thing more magical than a suction-cup dildo is a suction-cup dildo that vibrates. The Evolved Ballistic has a super-strong motor inside it, which earned it the distinction of “most powerful dildo ever” from Felicity, the sex toy reviewer behind the blog Phallophile Reviews.

The “balls” have a weird ridgey pattern on them that would merit an immediate trip to the doctor’s if it appeared on a human scrotum, but this texture actually serves a cool purpose: You can grind your clit or perineum against it while the dildo is inside you, for some dual-stimulation fun.

Blush Neo Elite

Porn performer Lexi Luna has spoken highly of this dildo for its comfortably squishy material and the gentle curve that makes it easier to ride. It’s one of the cheapest dual-density silicone dildos on the market, and is made to look and feel as lifelike as possible.

It comes in a few different lengths, ranging from six inches to nine inches, so you can pick the one that fits your anatomy — or ambition — best. There are even glow-in-the-dark options, which could be a great addition to a late-night cam show, but could also just make it easier to find when you reach for it in a fit of midnight horniness. 

Vixen Creations VixSkin Randy

If you want an extra-thick suction-cup dildo, you want the Randy. It’s made of squishy dual-density silicone, so it’s about as comfy to use as a 2.25-inch wide dildo could possibly be. A suction cup can be extra useful on a monster dildo like this one, because you can ease yourself down onto it, letting gravity do some of the work, instead of trying to push it in by hand.

The Randy is beloved by many people who fetishize fisting, “gaping” and other acts of girth. It’s used in one short-but-memorable video by a performer called GapeSlutQueen, for instance, whose username really says it all.