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The Best Vibrating Dildos for a Richter-Scale Orgasm

Livelier than a plain dildo and more versatile than your average vibrator, vibrating dildos give you the best of both worlds

Vibration in a dildo is like icing on a cake: You’d be fine without it, but it amplifies the pleasure you’re already getting, making each thrust of the toy even more blissful. Sometimes, it can be the difference between a dildo that almost gets you off and one that finishes the job with ease.

The addition of vibration can also turn a dildo into a multi-purpose sex toy — depending on how strong the motor is, you might find that the vibrations feel good on clits, dicks, balls, taints and even nipples.

What to Look for in a Vibrating Dildo

1) Material. While it can be tempting to load up on affordable dildos made of low-quality materials like PVC and rubber, they could end up costing you more in the long run, because they can’t be fully cleaned, can cause irritation and infections and will need to be replaced sooner than higher-quality toys. Look for non-porous, non-toxic materials — almost all body-safe vibrating dildos are made of silicone, which is comfortably squishy and easy to clean. (Keep in mind, though, that it’s not compatible with silicone-based lubes, so you’ll want to stick with water-based ones.)

2) Motor. Not all vibrating dildos are created equal, and one of the most important differences is motor quality. A dildo with a small battery-operated bullet vibrator embedded in it will tend to be much weaker than a dildo with one or two built-in rechargeable motors. Small and battery-powered vibes also tend to be “buzzier” — that is, they’re more focused on the surface of the skin, “higher-pitched” in sensation and more prone to causing temporary numbness. Meanwhile, larger and pricier vibes are usually more “rumbly” — i.e., lower-pitched, less desensitizing and are able to resonate deeper into your body. This is a matter of personal preference, and you might find it easiest to find your preferred vibration quality if you go to a brick-and-mortar sex shop and test out some floor models on your hand.

3) Flared Base. If you plan on using your dildo in a strap-on and/or in someone’s butt, make sure it has a base that’s wider than the widest point of the dildo itself. This will help keep it anchored in place in your strap-on, and also prevents the toy from getting lost inside your ass (shit happens). Flared bases are also typically easier to hold, even if you’re just manually thrusting the toy. That said, if you don’t plan on doing any anal or strap-on play with your dildo, a flared base isn’t required.

Are you vibrating with excitement yet? Here are five of the best vibrating dildos…

Best Suction-Cup Vibrating Dildo: Evolved Love Is Back Ballistic

Vibration Strength: 8/10

Vibration Type: Mostly rumbly, slightly buzzy

Why It’s Buzzworthy: Dildos with suction cups are super useful, whether you want to ride one in the bathtub, put on a webcam show for your long-distance partner or surprise your roommate with some unique wall decor.

This one’s made of silicone and has two powerful USB-rechargeable motors inside it that you can control with an included remote. It has three steady speeds and seven vibration patterns. The “balls” at its base are textured, which can feel good when you grind it against external erogenous zones like the clit or perineum while the dildo is inside you. It’s harness-compatible, anal-safe and waterproof, too, so you can incorporate Richter-scale vibrations into whatever you’ve got planned.

Best Realistic Vibrating Dildo: Tantus Alan

Vibration Strength: 3/10

Vibration Type: Buzzy

Why It’s Buzzworthy: Look, penises are fantastic, but I don’t think I’m alone in sometimes wishing they could vibrate. This toy fulfills that fantasy, at least as much as one can without resorting to experimental dick procedures. It’s a hyper-realistic silicone dildo with a firmer core and a squishier outside, so it feels just as comfortable as a real cock — but unlike any human penis I’m aware of, it has a hole in the base that you can insert an included three-speed bullet vibrator into, making the whole shaft buzz. It’s not the strongest or rumbliest vibe in the world, but bone-quaking vibrations could feel overwhelming paired with this veiny of a dildo anyway.

The anal-safe Alan has average dimensions for a dildo — 1.5 inches wide by 6.5 long — so it should work for a wide range of users. It’s even harness-compatible, so if you’ve ever dreamed of having a vibrating dick — or getting penetrated by one — then this one’s for you. 

Best Ultra-Powerful Vibrating Dildo: Fun Factory G5 Tiger

Vibration Strength: 8/10

Vibration Type: Rumbly

Why It’s Buzzworthy: If you need — or think you might need — a lot of power in a vibrating dildo, this Fun Factory toy is one of the better options. It’s got six speeds, so you can start at a low rumble and work your way up. It also has six different vibration patterns to play around with.

Although it wouldn’t work in a harness, it does have a little nub at the base that makes it safe to use anally. The ridged texture might feel too intense for some users, but when you’re turned on enough and using enough lube, it can provide pleasurable friction along the vaginal or rectal walls. Next time you’re craving strong sensations inside, you’ll be glad to have this power tool in your nightstand.

Best Stationary Vibrating Dildo: LuzArte Jollet

Vibration Strength: 4/10

Vibration Type: Mostly buzzy, slightly rumbly

Why It’s Buzzworthy: This odd-looking dildo is specifically shaped to fit the vagina just right. It narrows at the tip, to tuck into the sensitive zone behind or in front of the cervix (known as the posterior fornix and anterior fornix), and it swells in the middle so it can press into the G-spot. Unlike almost all dildos, it’s designed to more or less stay still once it’s inside of you — it stimulates various vaginal erogenous zones passively, so you can focus on other things, like kissing, oral sex or using a clitoral vibe. 

A hole in the base of the dildo can fit a bullet vibrator (included) to amp up those internal sensations even more. The base isn’t quite flared enough to make it harness-compatible or anal-safe, but for low-effort vaginal pleasure, it’s tough to beat.

Best DIY Vibrating Dildo: Clone-a-Willy

Vibration Strength: 3/10

Vibration Type: Buzzy

Why It’s Buzzworthy: They say if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself — and the Clone-a-Willy takes that principle and runs with it by letting you make a vibrating silicone copy of a human dick you already know and love. Sure, it’s more labor intensive to stir together silicone mixtures and maintain a boner while the cast sets than it would be to walk into a sex shop and pick up a dildo off the shelf, but sometimes the best creations are those you really put your heart, soul and dick into.

At the end of the process, if all goes well, you’ll be left with an amazingly accurate representation of the dick you sought to immortalize. An included single-speed vibrator gets embedded in the dildo while you’re making it, and you can choose to use the toy with or without vibration. Your Clone-a-Willy won’t be anal-safe or harness-compatible, because it lacks a flared base, but the protruding vibrator makes a decent handle if you want to thrust the toy by hand.