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The Best Bluetooth Sex Toys for Long-Distance Couples, Public Kinksters and Everyone In Between

Whether you’re looking to stay connected over hundreds of miles, try public play or just crave the satisfaction of controlling your partner’s toys for them, a bluetooth sex toy can stand and deliver. Here are some of our favorite options for all body parts

New developments in sex tech are always fascinating, whether they’re practical like an electrical treatment for premature ejaculation, or sci-fi-esque like a sex robot with a mind of its own.

However, few sex-tech innovations have been as widely adopted in recent years as sex toys you can control via Bluetooth. These toys connect to smartphone apps or remotes, making it easier than ever to switch between settings and give a partner the power to pleasure you from wherever they are. 

Why Get a Bluetooth Sex Toy?

There is perhaps no group of people that has benefited more from Bluetooth sex toys than those in long-distance relationships — and speaking as one of those people, I can say that they make LDRs suck a lot less. Phone sex, FaceTime sex and Zoom sex are all well and good (ever tried the virtual background that makes you look like you’re on the moon?), but sometimes you want to feel like your partner is actually touching you, rather than just describing how they wish they could. Many Bluetooth-enabled sex toys connect to apps that let someone else control your experience, whether they’re in bed beside you or thousands of miles away. Maintaining a sexual connection in an LDR can be extremely challenging, and these toys help a ton.

Bluetooth toys also work well for surreptitious public play. Whether you wear vibrating panties to the bar on date night, slip a vibrating butt plug into your ass before seeing a movie or liven up a trip to the DMV with some vibration, remotely controlled sex toys can be a hoot. Develop a good poker face, check your vibe’s noise level and always be careful not to involve people in your play who didn’t consent to be part of it.

It’s not just couples who get to have all the fun, though — Bluetooth toys work well for solo use too. Sometimes it’s annoying to reach all the way down to your toy to press its buttons, especially if you’re changing speeds or settings a lot during any given session, or if you have strength or mobility issues that make it difficult.

That said, Bluetooth toys aren’t all sunshine and orgasms — they have their problems. Depending on how well a toy and its accompanying app are designed, there’s always a chance that the connection will fail, possibly right when you need it most. There’s also been some privacy concerns about “smart” sex toys that connect to the internet. In one memorable instance, a security loophole in a high-tech chastity cage called the Cellmate allowed hackers to quite literally hold users’ dicks hostage, since there was no way to manually override the takeover. The issue has since been fixed, but you should nonetheless do your own research on the security features (or lack thereof) of any Bluetooth sex toy you’re eying. The Mozilla Foundation has published privacy info on several of them, for instance.

For users with a lot of technical know-how, is a software toolkit created by engineer Kyle Machulis that allows you to bypass toys’ proprietary apps and control them directly. This is great news for anyone who’s wary of what big companies might be doing with their sensitive data, and is also just a lot of nerdy fun for people who are into that kind of thing.

Okay, ready to make somebody moan with your phone? Here are the best Bluetooth sex toys in every major category…

Best Bluetooth G-Spot Vibrator: Lovense Lush 3

There’s a reason you can spot this ubiquitous pink toy in so many cam shows and porn clips: It’s a powerful, well-made vibrator that lets you massage someone’s G-spot from afar. The outer portion of the vibe provides a little clit stimulation too, though the G-spot is its main focus. These vibrations are deep and resonant, and can be set to a nearly infinite number of different speeds and patterns using the Lovense app.

The app — available for iOS and Android — is one of the key reasons you’ll see Lovense come up again and again on this list. It’s more streamlined and functional than many competitors’ apps, stays connected to toys remarkably well and allows you to control your vibe on your own phone or invite a partner, near or far, to take the helm.

Best Bluetooth Clit Stimulator: Satisfyer Curvy 2+

This toy uses rhythmic pulses of air to stimulate the clit “touchlessly” — it feels like a mix of tapping and gentle suction, and can result in orgasms that feel decidedly different from those a regular ol’ vibrator might give you.

It has a “mouth” that’s softer and wider than a lot of others out there, so it’s comfy for a broad range of clits. When you connect the toy to the Satisfyer app, you or someone else can control it wirelessly — doing this with my long-distance partner is the closest I’ve ever gotten to feeling like someone was going down on me from 500 miles away.

Satisfyer’s app also seems to be one of the most secure ones on this list — you can require a passcode or a facial recognition check to unlock it every time, for instance, and any messages exchanged through the app are protected by end-to-end encryption.

Best Bluetooth Couples’ Vibrator: We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe basically invented the category of “couples’ vibrator,” and they still make the best ones. Here’s how this bestselling toy works: One “arm” of the vibe goes inside the vagina, on the G-spot, while the other sits outside, on the clitoris. It can be used solo, or during penetrative sex with a partner, stimulating both of you and giving you a better shot at an elusive simultaneous orgasm. You can also invite a faraway somebody to take control.

Two “hinges” at the center of the toy allow you to adjust it to your preferred amount of tightness and pressure. There are two motors — one inside, one outside — which can be controlled independently from one another, so if you want intense G-spot stimulation with subtler clit vibration (or vice versa), you can do that. The vibrations are strong and satisfyingly rumbly, too. We-Vibe’s app tends to lose connection with its toys more easily than some others mentioned here, especially if there are thighs, labia, etc. in the way (which, let’s face it, there usually are), but most of the time it works fine.

Best Bluetooth Panty Vibe: Lovense Ferri

Panty vibes are great for under-the-radar pleasure while you’re out in public — you can distract a partner from their drink, or throw them off their rhythm while you’re dancing together at the club. This one is particularly ingenious because it attaches to your underwear with a magnet, so it stays in place better than the average panty vibe (it’d be embarrassing AF if your vibe fell out on the dance floor) and can be positioned exactly where you want it.

The vibrations are powerful and resonant, and can be controlled easily via Lovense’s app, which lets you make your own vibration patterns, download other people’s and even set the vibrations to respond to sounds around you. It’d be fun to wear to a rock concert or anywhere there’s, you know, sound. 

Best Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug: Lovense Edge 2

The dual motors of this prostate massager make it a standout: One rumbles against your prostate inside, while the other stimulates your taint on the outside. The toy has a manageable girth even for beginners — just make sure to use a lot of water-based lube — and you can adjust the angle if you want the sensations to be more or less intense.

Pairing the Edge 2 with the Lovense app is useful even if you’re playing solo, because swiping and tapping on your phone is easier than reaching down to hit the buttons on the plug. You can also invite a partner to take the wheel from afar. And as the product name suggests, it makes it way easier to edge someone, even from across a border or an ocean.

Best Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator: Lovense Nora

Rabbit vibes are ideal for people who like a lot of stimulation at once: They rub the G-spot or other internal erogenous zones, while also massaging the clitoris, for potentially breathtaking blended orgasms. This one has a head that rotates against the G-spot, rather than just vibrating, so it feels more like a partner’s fingers stroking inside you.

More intriguingly, the Nora can be connected through the Lovense app to a partner who’s using the Lovense Max 2 stroker (below), and the two will sync up their motions so it’s almost like you’re doing the deed. It’s wild that “teledildonics” once seemed like a far-off, futuristic vision, and now the future is here, in your pants. 

Best Bluetooth Stroker: Lovense Max 2

The Max 2 is one of the most high-tech strokers on the market. It’s got a ridged texture inside that feels good all on its own (provided you use enough water-based lube), and when you wanna kick things up a notch, it can vibrate, contract rhythmically around your dick or both at once. I’ve used it countless times during phone sex with my long-distance partner, to create the sense that I’m riding them or jerking them off despite the hundreds of miles between us.

For even more vivid partner play, you can use the Lovense app to sync up your Max 2 with a Nora rabbit vibe — or with another Max 2 — so that you and your sweetie feel similar pleasures simultaneously. It’s an awesome way to maintain a sense of intimacy even when you can’t be physically together.

Best Bluetooth Cock Ring: We-Vibe Pivot

Vibrating cock rings tend to be pretty weak, but this is one of the strongest ones out there — it starts low and it works its way up to a powerful rumble. The vibrating part protrudes slightly, making it easier to grind it against your partner’s clit or perineum with every thrust. Meanwhile, the stretchy ring itself helps you maintain a harder erection for longer.

The toy can be controlled by a long-distance partner via We-Vibe’s app, but it’s useful when you’re together in-person too, because you can adjust the vibrations quickly on your phone instead of needing to pause the action to hit a button on the toy. Touch-screens don’t always mix well with lube and bodily fluids, though, so maybe wipe your hand off first if that’s gonna be an issue…

Best Bluetooth Penis Vibrator: Lovense Gush

There still aren’t nearly as many toys as there should be in the category of “penis vibrator,” but this one is a terrific option. Meant to wrap around the head of the penis, it’s got stimulating ridges on the inside and can be used either by stroking it up and down or by leaving it in place and using it hands-free. It’s flexible enough to work for a lot of different dick sizes, and also comes with a stretchy band that helps hold it in place more securely, for when you’re craving a tight grip.

Thrumming vibration on the most sensitive part of your junk is a unique and often intense sensation, so it might feel thrillingly vulnerable to let a partner control the Gush through the app. It could be fun for kinky play involving overstimulation and post-orgasm “torture,” too.

Best Bluetooth Kegel Toy: Monster Pub Dr. Whale Premium Kegel Version

Once you insert the bulbous end of this strange little toy into your vagina (it’s not anal-safe, sadly), you can do one hell of a Kegel workout with it. The Monster Pub app walks you through a routine to exercise your PC muscles — there’s a sensor inside the toy that can tell how tight you’re squeezing at any given moment. I’ve found it oddly motivating to watch the numbers go up as I squeeze, kind of like being able to bench press more and more pounds as you get stronger.

The Dr. Whale isn’t just for exercise, though — it also vibrates pleasurably, including during your workouts (bet they don’t offer that at your gym). The app is overloaded with strange features and has many translation issues, but once you figure out how to use it, you might find yourself more motivated to do Kegel exercises than ever before.