HBO Has Become the Official Network of Eating Ass

Historically speaking, people go nuts when HBO serves them up an ass-eating scene in one of their shows. Why, then, is no one talking about the recent Colin Firth/ Toni Collette rimjob in ‘The Staircase’?

No One Knows When National Suck Dick Day Is :(

You’d think such a momentous holiday would have a solidified celebration date, but no — National Suck Dick day is the least organized, most mysterious sex holiday our country has

The Mystifying Self-Suck of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’

This weekend, HBO gave us its weirdest take on blow jobs ever: a time-traveling man who sucks his own cock. Thanks, I guess?

Male TikTokers Are Claiming Cunnilingus Bleaches Their Beards

Confused why their beards appear to be getting lighter, they’re hypothesizing it must be from all the rampant oral sex they’re having. But can vaginal fluid really change the color of facial hair, or is this just another way for guys to claim they fuck?