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Brit Dawson

Brit Dawson is a London-based journalist who mostly writes about sex, women's rights and sex work. She is also the staff writer at Dazed.


‘It Looks Like a Disco Ball!’ A Short, Strange History of Vajazzling

When it comes to weird 2010s trends, little can compare to the perplexing, dazzling art of vajazzling. But how, exactly, did we become so taken with this resplendent pubic decor?

The Cougars Who Raise Their Cubs to Be Better Men

Younger men don’t just grow sexually and romantically with their older partners — they say they’re also getting better jobs, learning how to take care of themselves and moving up in the world

The Future of Underground Abortion Networks

With the legal risks varying wildly by state, some forums and support networks are shutting down. Where will they go, and what will take their place?