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Magdalene Taylor

Magdalene Taylor is a staff writer at MEL. She covers internet culture, sex and the online adult industry. She lives in Brooklyn but is from God's Country, Western Massachusetts.


The Memeified Mirage of the Green Tea Shot

No, there’s no green tea in it, and no, it has none of green tea’s health benefits. Still, it’s become TikTok’s most beloved shooter just the same

No Matter the Iteration, We Will Always Be Horny for Velma

Despite the dumb, racist controversy over Mindy Kaling playing Velma in the eponymous new series, it’s not the color of her skin that matters — it’s the character that turns us on, and nothing can stop our devotion for our brainiac queen

‘Pete the Power Cuck’ Is the Horny Thorn in Disney’s Side

After YouTube demonetized the cheeky Disney spoof, Joe the Animator’s beloved short is making the rounds on the internet, where it’s picking up steam as pure, grade A cuck propaganda