Magdalene Taylor

Magdalene Taylor is an editorial assistant and contributor at MEL. She loves Korn, Juggalos, and being a dumb bitch. She lives in LA but is from God's country, Western Massachusetts.


Sunday Reads: St. Patrick’s Day Survival Guide Edition

I’m not Irish, I don’t eat meat and I’m not a fan of whiskeys or stouts. That said, I don’t hate on St. Patrick’s Day….

We Ate As Much Fake Fast-Food Meat As the Drive-Thru Would Allow

There’s this false assumption that eating vegetarian means eating healthier, but that’s not always the case. Especially not when Beyond Meat burgers and tacos exist….

Sunday Reads: Butt Cuts (and Chocolates), the Declining Power of the ‘Like’ and the Men FIRE-d Up for Early Retirement

What’s broke? Getting into fights with guys to prove your love for your girlfriend. What’s woke? Expressing your love for your girlfriend by giving her…