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Jake Hall

Jake Hall is a freelance journalist, fashion features editor and author. Their debut book 'The Art of Drag' is scheduled for release in May 2020.

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Back with a Bang: When Porn Stars Come Out of Retirement

It’s common for porn performers to leave the industry, but it’s also hard for them to stay away. This is what happens when they stage their secondcuming

The Wild Ride of Casey Kisses

From being in a motorcycle club to surviving a horrific car accident to becoming the subject of her own biopic, the trans porn legend definitely has a story to tell

The Holy Grail Spreadsheet of Banned Porn Fetishes (and Where to Find Them)

Adult creators are routinely deplatformed or deprived of their income for posting outlawed fetish content on popular sites. This sex-worker developed Google Sheet is helping them fight back

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