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Jake Hall

Jake Hall is a freelance journalist, fashion features editor and author. Their debut book 'The Art of Drag' is scheduled for release in May 2020.

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The Tiny Colorado Town That Became the ‘Sex Change Capital of the World’

Three hours south of Denver and located in the mountains along the Santa Fe trail, the small, semi-conservative town was home to a forward-thinking local doctor whose pioneering surgeries would change trans health care forever

‘Shania Twain Made Me Gay’: The Accidental Queer Legacy of ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’

Inspired by her fascination with the gorgeous Toronto drag queens she hung around in the 1990s, Twain’s 25-year-old masterpiece has resurfaced amongst queers looking to put their own stamp on gender

Big Face/Small Face Couples Are a Head Above the Rest

Forget height differentials or vast age differences, small face/big face couples are the newest size-discordant dating trend