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Steve Harvey Is Making Face-Sitting Mainstream

The ‘Family Feud’ host usually shoots down any sexual references contestants mention on the show, but he really lit up when someone recently mentioned the fine art of face-sitting

With its revealing domestic surveys and crowdsourced responses, Family Feud offers a peek into the window of the American mind. More often than not, sex is on that mind. On numerous occasions, contestants have offered up horny answers to prompts like, “Name something you feel self-conscious doing alone,” or, “Name something a woman wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house without.” 

Reliably, host Steve Harvey serves as a cold shower with his flabbergasted disappointment in responses like “masturbate” or “vibrator.” There are dozens of compilation videos featuring this exact scenario. So when Harvey actually expresses his approval of a horny response, you know he really means it. And apparently, Harvey really approves of women sitting on faces — so much so that he reposted a clip of his enthusiasm for the act on TikTok when it was recently mentioned on Family Feud. 


Name something you like your girlfriend to do to your face. ??? #FamilyFeud #SteveHarvey @Family Feud

♬ original sound – Steve Harvey

In it, Harvey asks a contestant to answer the prompt, “Name something you’d like your girlfriend to do to your face.” The contestant responds, “I’m going to say, ‘Sit on it.’” He barely even finishes the sentence before Harvey starts screaming, “YES! SIT ON IT!” The scoreboard then reveals that 11 of 100 survey respondents gave such an answer.

Despite it being an obvious favorite of Harvey’s, such a low percentage of respondents shows that face-sitting really isn’t all that mainstream (it is, however, quite popular in porn). It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate answer to the question of what a girlfriend should do to your face, and yet, for 89 out of 100 people, face-sitting wasn’t the priority. 

By posting it on TikTok, though, Harvey is changing that. With more than 33 million views, it’s by far his most popular post. Moreover, there are currently just under 2,000 videos from other creators utilizing the sound from the original clip. With that, Harvey is well on his way to making face-sitting a new viral TikTok trend. 

It should be noted that face-sitting is timeless, incapable of being confined to a momentary internet phenomenon. Harvey’s jubilance at its mention is proof of this. If face-sitting can make him, a man well-known for his disgust at America’s tendency to sexualize his precious Family Feud prompts, exclaim in pure joy, then it has to be a classic. 

One can only hope that if the same prompt is given a year from now, face-sitting will be at the top of the board.