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OnlyFans’ Resident Rim-Job Expert Wants to Help You Get Better at Eating Ass

If rim jobs are an art form, Kazumi is a true master. Here, she shows you exactly how to toss salad like a consummate pro

“If that goo isn’t glossing my floor, I don’t want it,” says Kazumi, also known as “Harvard’s Asian Dropout” on OnlyFans. The goo in question is a combination of flavored lube and spit, two ingredients she considers key when it comes to giving an expert rim job. In Kazumi’s line of work, she’s a pro at most sex acts, but rimming is where she shines. And now, having mastered it, she wants to share her wisdom with the masses. 

“You become an expert through trial and error,” she tells me. “Do it over and over again. And by having enthusiasm! Nowadays, I bust it out if I really wanna impress a guy.” 

Enthusiasm and an impressive rim job involve a few different elements. First and foremost, spit. “More spit is always better,” she says. If you’re struggling to keep things moist on your own, try to stay hydrated or drink some Gatorade beforehand — its balance of sugars and salts is designed to produce more voluminous, thicker spit. Lube is also perfectly acceptable here. Most lubes are safe to ingest in small quantities, but it’s best to ensure you use one that’s actually meant for consumption. It doesn’t have to be flavored, but obviously, a lube you enjoy tasting can enhance the experience. 

Beyond getting everything adequately wet, Kazumi also emphasizes the importance of tongue and body positions. When using your tongue, try a variety of movements and see what sticks — you can swirl your tongue around the hole, dole out small, light licks across it and experiment with long, deep licks where you utilize the entire length of your tongue. The emphasis should be on the hole itself, but the skin surrounding it — and the space between the hole and the genitals — is ultra-sensitive and worth giving attention to as well. Most importantly, communicate with your partner and pay attention to their response to figure out what tongue movements they enjoy. 

In terms of body positions, Kazumi is particularly fond of being lifted up as a receiver. “If you can find a partner who can pick you up and rim you in the air, marry them,” she says. If that can’t be accommodated, taking a seat on your partner’s face works, too. “Sitting on your partner’s face while getting a rim job at the same time will be reminiscent of a jacuzzi,” says Kazumi (you might have to use your imagination on that one). That can obviously be a challenge depending on your partner’s size, but there are plenty of other options, too. You could have your partner on their hands and knees, or on their back with their legs in the air. A 69-themed rim job could also be in the cards. 

Another one of Kazumi’s favorite positions is something she calls the “wet sandwich,” in which a person with a penis is positioned between two mouths — one on the dick, one on the ass. This highlights a different rimming tip, too: incorporating more people. In fact, she calls a rim train (a train of people getting rimmed and rimming others) an “underrated bonding experience.”

No worries if you’re not quite at that level yet, though — Kazumi wasn’t always so bold about it herself. “Oh god, I’d be scared of the booty,” she says of her early rimming experiences. “I’d always dig in with my finger first, and if it was safe, I’d take a nose dive.” By “safe,” Kazumi means sanitary, which is is a key part of any anal excursion. “Keeping clean and sanitary is common courtesy, so if your partner isn’t soaping outside and at least a little on the inside, I’d avoid it,” she says. She follows a simple axiom: “If it stink, maybe think.” 

The effort that rimming requires and the hesitancy people have surrounding it is part of what Kazumi likes about it, though. “It’s so taboo and unexpected,” she says. “I think it also shows a guy I’m serious. Only serious women eat ass, and I’m here to assert dominance.” 

Well, then. All hail the queen.