The Outlaw Nuns Who Traded Their Convent for Cars, Cash and Castles

In the late 1980s, when Belgian nuns heard whispers of their bishop’s plan to snatch away their convent and sell off the artwork and holy relics, they decided that just wasn’t in God’s plans

The Wet, Wild History of Pissing Baby Fountains

Once you’ve noticed how many of these little pissers there are in garden stores and Italian restaurants, you’ll never be able to stop thinking about it. Thankfully, historians have some answers

The Insane, Sex-Charged Covers from Yugoslavia’s Favorite 1980s Computer Magazine

The editors did everything they could to put the hard in computer hardware

A Tale of Two Buds: The Centuries-Old Feud Between American Budweiser and Czech Budweiser

There are actually a couple of different Budweisers — the American version and the Czech version that inspired it. But the world is clearly not big enough for the both of them as they’ve been fighting over the name for more than 100 years