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Ashley Bardhan

Ashley Bardhan is a writer in New York who covers entertainment, food, sex and other things that people like.


On OnlyFans, Erotic Captions Are Becoming Just As Valuable As Bare Skin

Like the modern version of a romance novel, OnlyFans creators are increasingly relying on long, tantalizingly and vivid prose to draw viewers in

Squirters Have Flooded Porn. But How Many of Them Are Faking It?

In the past few years, the popularity of squirting has exploded like Old Faithful. But many squirt fanatics think their favorite squirters are just pulling party tricks

Repeat After Me: How Jerk-Off Instruction Porn Won the Internet

Sure, it’s hot to be told what to do, but JOI isn’t just getting people off — it’s helping them feel seen in an increasingly impersonal world