Brian VanHooker

Brian VanHooker is a writer at MEL. He is the co-creator of the John O'Hurley pilot ‘The Tramp’ and co-created 'Barnum & Elwood.’ He also hosts a TMNT interview podcast.

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An Oral History of Trump’s Love of Van Damme’s ‘Bloodsport’

“We hadn’t been airborne long when Trump decided to watch a movie. He’d brought along Michael, a recent release, but 20 minutes after popping it…

Why NASA Is So Eager to Study Moon Poop

With the recent 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, you may have heard a bit about moon poop lately. From SyFy to ScoopWhoop…

An Electrifying History of the Bug Zapper

Like toilet paper, the bug zapper is one of humankind’s more perfect inventions. It’s not that it was somehow pivotal to our development or anything,…