Brian VanHooker

Brian VanHooker is a writer at MEL. He is the co-creator of the John O'Hurley pilot ‘The Tramp’ and co-created 'Barnum & Elwood.’ He also hosts a TMNT interview podcast.

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How Do Companies Deal With an Unwanted Celebrity Endorsement?

Trump loves MyPillow. The recent Trump exposé book A Warning describes him as commenting repeatedly on the Fox News-frequenting infomercial, saying, “This guy, have you…

Why the Hell Did Straight-to-VHS Disney Sequels Ever Exist?

Before we get started, I just have to say, I kind of love The Return of Jafar. I know it doesn’t capture the magic of…

Three Italian Chefs Rate the Sunday Gravy (And All the Other Food) From ‘Goodfellas’

There are countless things to love about Goodfellas, but chief among them is the food in the movie. There’s Pesci’s ma’s cooking. There’s the huge…