Brian VanHooker

Brian VanHooker is a writer at MEL. He is the co-creator of the John O'Hurley pilot ‘The Tramp’ and co-created 'Barnum & Elwood.’ He also hosts a TMNT interview podcast.

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A Night at the Dry-Town Bar Where You Have to Bring Your Own Booze

A while back, I looked into some of the more notable dry towns left in America. While there are around 500 or so still remaining,…

I Staked Out My Local Domino’s to See Just How Accurate Its Pizza Tracker Is

It wasn’t that long ago that I stumbled across a piece in The Atlantic about how TurboTax uses bogus progress bars when completing a tax…

A Gentleman’s Guide to Talking on Planes

We’ve spoken quite a bit about airplane etiquette over the last couple of travel seasons, like what the hell you’re supposed to do with diapers…