Mike Rampton

Mike Rampton is a freelance writer who lives in London. He enjoys making aggressively difficult puns, drinking on trains and pretending to be smarter than he is. He would like to own a boat one day but accepts that he probably won't.

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Why People Earnestly Believe They Were Born in the Wrong Time

Whatever else you can change about your life, one thing you can’t do anything about is the time. If you hate where you live, you…

The Science of Holding in Your Poops to Save the Planet

Could you hold your poop in to save the planet? Should you hold your poop in to save the planet??? Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro thinks…

The Eternal Lie of the Pools That Turn Blue If You Pee in Them

If you pee in the pool, it’ll go blue! There’s a special dye in there, designed to detect urine, and it’ll billow around you in…