Zaron Burnett III

Zaron Burnett is an investigative journalist and longform features writer based in Los Angeles. He covers culture, politics, race, and other perplexing mysteries for MEL.

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The People Who Believe That the Moon Is an Alien Spaceship

As you no doubt heard many times over the last few months, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong did what no human before him had…

We Finally Know Who’s Behind That Viral Sugar Daddy Scam Account

Back in April, I examined the curious case of TheSugarDad1, a mysterious social media presence whose popular Twitter account boasted more than 360,000 followers. Known…

Is Shaft Still the Icon of Blackness He Used to Be?: A Roundtable

Shaft’s back, y’all! The man with the greatest theme song in the history of movies returns to the big screen today. This latest installment follows…