Zaron Burnett III

Zaron Burnett is an investigative journalist and longform features writer based in Los Angeles. He covers culture, politics, race, and other perplexing mysteries for MEL.

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There’s a Hilarious Ongoing Meme War Between Ford and Chevy Truck Owners

Though the rural town of Ravenel, South Carolina, contains only 799 households, their Ford and Chevy dealerships got into a billboard battle in March that…

Understanding Black Boyz Through the Empathetic Lens of John Singleton

When I think back on the life and career John Singleton, who died on Monday at the age of 51, I tend to focus on…

Why Black ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Need #DemThrones

Without Black Twitter, there’s no way I could watch Game of Thrones. I hated it from the first episode, which introduces us to the Dothraki,…