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Tim Grierson

Tim Grierson is a contributing editor at MEL. He writes about film and pop culture for Screen International, Rolling Stone and Vulture.

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Welcome to the ‘Believe Women’ Horror Movie Era

Forget about unknowable monsters like Jason and Freddy. In new films like ‘The Invisible Man,’ the villains out to get you are a patriarchal society that assumes you’re nuts.

So, Wait, How Much Did Nazi Technology Help NASA Put a Man on the Moon?

Meet Wernher von Braun, the German scientist referenced in Amazon’s ‘Hunters’ who spearheaded our country’s space program — and also designed a missile that killed Allied soldiers in World War II

Everybody Thinks ‘Blister in the Sun’ Is About Masturbation — Except the Guy Who Wrote It

Featured in Hulu’s ‘High Fidelity,’ the Violent Femmes hit has inspired a longstanding, completely erroneous belief among fans. So why do we all assume it’s a song about self-gratification?