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Tim Grierson

Tim Grierson is a contributing editor at MEL. He writes about film and pop culture for Screen International, Rolling Stone and Vulture.

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Our Uneasy Relationship With Superheroes Who Cry

When the teaser trailer for next year’s hotly anticipated Avengers sequel dropped on Friday, superhero fans discovered the film’s full title — it’ll be Avengers:…

Why We’re Okay With Terrible Christmas Movies

Approximately a thousand years ago, I interned at a mediocre cable channel that specialized in mediocre TV movies. This was ages before “prestige television.” Basically,…

The Future of Robots Won’t Be Like ‘The Terminator’ — It’ll Probably Be Worse

Maxim Pozdorovkin, the director of The Truth About Killer Robots, is tricking us with the title of his new documentary. While the film, which aired…