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Tim Grierson

Tim Grierson is a contributing editor at MEL. He writes about film and pop culture for Screen International, Rolling Stone and Vulture.

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The Supporting Actors Who Stole the Movie From the Leading Man

Given that the Oscars are tomorrow night, for a fun little exercise, we decided to pick our favorite performances that won the Academy Award for…

A Blue Hair’s Guide to the Best and Worst of Old-Guy Makeup

During tomorrow’s Academy Awards, one of the awards given out will be for makeup. (Technically, the prize is Best Makeup and Hairstyling.) Admittedly, this isn’t among…

How ‘Fatal Attraction’ Forever Changed Our View of the ‘Crazy’ Other Woman

On Sunday, Glenn Close may achieve what she’s never before accomplished in a 45-year career. A decorated actress who’s earned three Emmys and three Tonys,…