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Miles Klee

Miles Klee is MEL’s resident tank-top dirtbag, shitposter and meme expert. He’s also the author of the novel ‘Ivyland’ and a story collection, ‘True False.’


Here’s What’s Actually Scary About Joe Rogan’s Bernie Endorsement

Joe Rogan, a mediocre dude’s idea of a renaissance man, says he’s probably going to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. That statement…

If You Name-Check Orwell, You’ve Lost the Argument

If I could set the rules of engagement in social media culture wars, I might begin with this directive: Use your own words. Being unable…

Terry Jones, Monty Python and the Power of Laughter Between Friends

We’re past the age where it’s safe to assume that a certain type of nerdy kid is into Monty Python. The troupe’s films and their…