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What Male Experiences Can Teach Us About Abortion, The Rise of the ‘Lurksta’ Instagram Account and the ‘Clean Your Room’ Grift

No quippy cold open today, just an appeal that you check out Isabelle Kohn’s masterfully reported and exhaustive piece about men and abortion. Really good, important stuff — you might even call it a…

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“Can Men Sharing Their Experiences with Abortion Make It A Better Experience for Everyone?”
Recent discussion around anti-choice legislation being passed in states like Alabama, Missouri and Georgia has lacked the voices of men who supported a partner through the abortion process. So, over the past month, Isabelle Kohn, with additional reporting courtesy of the MEL features desk, spoke with dozens of men across the country about their extremely personal experiences with abortion. The culmination of which is an uncomfortably honest and incredibly comprehensive guide for men about supporting their partners — and themselves — through one. READ MORE

Finsta? Rinsta? Meet the ‘Lurksta’

Breakups happen to everyone, and the impulse to check up on a former flame post break-up can be strong. So it doesn’t help that, in a day and age where people are documenting every aspect of their lives on Instagram, keeping tabs on an ex is easier — and creepier — than ever.

Sweatshop Free(ish)

Bad news, fans of a living wage, the environment and basic common decency: That “sweatshop-free” tag in your clothes is mostly bullshit. With that in mind, here’s how to navigate the modern garment industry’s byzantine ethics.

Damp Hog

No doubt you’ve finished a trip to the gym or come back from a run, put your hand down your pants (natch) and said, “Dang, my dick is sweaty af.” But have you ever thought about whether a moist dong is a real phenomenon, or whether there’s some physiological black magic at play? Please, join us on this vitally important voyage of scientific discovery.

Clean Your Room

It can be easy to feel like you’re taking crazy pills when you read that a certain subset of men are, now, falling all over themselves to clean their rooms thanks to Canadian man-whisperer and anti-chaos YouTube daddy Jordan Peterson:

Crazy pills indeed, because “clean your room” isn’t exactly novel advice:

And yet, here we are. Miles Klee explains how, without a hint of irony, dudes are appropriating basic housework — even making money off of it — all thanks to a svengali grifter we’re not even sure follows his own advice.

Tales From the Front Lines of the Anti-Vaxx Wars

As consumers of the internet, we read a lot about anti-vaxxers — God knows they don’t exactly hide their opinions. But what is it like seeing their inanity in action? Ask the doctors who treat their dangerous stupidity everyday.

Dad and the TV Dinner

Have you ever heated up a TV dinner and thought, Damn, this really takes me back? Food writer and author Josh Scherer has. Because whenever he pops a Hungry Man in the microwave, he’s reminded of why a reheated chicken-fried steak is all the food he needs to pay tribute to his working-class father.

Rest and Relaxation with Dr. Miami

Michael Salzhauer, aka Dr. Miami, in his capacity as Snapchat’s most famous plastic surgeon, spends most of his day making butts bigger and more shapely via surgery (usually live on Snapchat too). Basically what I’m trying to say is, Dr. Miami’s work often leaves him wound a little tight. Which makes unwinding at the end of a long day all the more important. Here’s how he does it.