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Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross is MEL’s senior editor for social media and content marketing. His daily ICYMI column, which chronicles all things meta on the site, is the quickest way to catch up on MEL, and the funniest thing you’ll read all day. Follow him on Twitter.

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Shit-Stained Soup Ladles and Nazi Dogs, Remembering Shirtless Abercrombie Models and Gigi Hadid, Harvey Weinstein Juror

I don’t have much for you today, other than to ask, do you want to read something truly, utterly bizarre, creepy and altogether impossible-sounding? Then…

Why the ‘Bad Boys’ Movies Are Just Bad, a Foot-Copywriting Adventure and the Real Costs Behind $$$ Winter Jackets

Truth be told, I definitely liked the Bad Boys movies when I originally saw them 24 and 16 years ago. How could I not? They…

Nintendo Porn (Or, Porn on Your Nintendo), Life in the Luxury Box and Star Boxer Tyson Fury’s Masturbation Habits

It may surprise you to learn that there are more ways to watch porn than on your phone, or — what is this, 2004? —…