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Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross is MEL’s senior editor for social media and content marketing. His daily ICYMI column, which chronicles all things meta on the site, is the quickest way to catch up on MEL, and the funniest thing you’ll read all day. Follow him on Twitter.

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Living that Uber Copter ‘Succession’ Life, A History of Hard Shell Tacos and the Guys Carrying Around Pockets of Sand for Self-Defense

Not gonna lie, commuting via helicopter — like the one Uber is hawking in New York — is a disgusting display of wealth, but damn…

The Ice Addicts Who Love to Chew Ice, How ‘Vibe’ Became the New ‘Mood’ and Matt Lauer, Asshole

We’ve got a couple of ice fiends on staff here at MEL — to protect their identities, they shall remain nameless. To be honest, I’ve…

Why Men Act Like Dumb Idiots When the Wife’s Out of Town, What the ‘Balloon Boy’ Saga Means 10 Years Later and Forex, Explained

Well, my dudes, the jig is up: We’ve officially been given notice for letting it all hang out when the wife is away. No longer…