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Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross is MEL’s senior editor for social media and content marketing. His daily ICYMI column, which chronicles all things meta on the site, is the quickest way to catch up on MEL, and the funniest thing you’ll read all day. Follow him on Twitter.

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Will an Unwashed Car Really Destroy Your Paint Job?

If the modern automobile had a status on Facebook, it would undoubtedly be “It’s complicated.” With their computer-controlled fuel injection systems, continuously variable transmissions and…

How These Dads Convinced Me Fatherhood Won’t Ruin My Life

I’m 35 years old, which is to say, I’m not getting any younger. And if previous entries in this column didn’t make it clear enough…

Men Whose Wives Died During Childbirth, The Incredibly Dumb Raptors/Monster Energy Lawsuit and a Spirited Defense of ‘Dad Rock’

If loving “dad rock” — and, by the transitive property, dad-rock darling Fleetwood Mac — is considered wrong in some circles, then you know what?…