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Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross is MEL’s senior editor for social media and content marketing. His daily ICYMI column, which chronicles all things meta on the site, is the quickest way to catch up on MEL, and the funniest thing you’ll read all day. Follow him on Twitter.

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How ‘Playgirl’ Became an Iconic Gay Magazine, The Definitive Guide to the Astrological Signs of the ‘Avengers’ and ‘PCU,’ 25 Years Later

Until only recently, I wasn’t excited for Avengers: Endgame. I didn’t particularly like Infinity War; and the idea of spending three hours choking down that…

The Granddaddy of ‘Sugar Daddy’ Free-Money Scams, The ‘Liz Lad’ Army and the Radicalization of Architecture Twitter

What’s more likely: Some “benevolent” stranger offers you thousands of dollars in “free” money, and all you’ve got to do  is retweet his generous offer?…

Your Fandom Sucks (Deal with It), The Problem with Guys Named ‘Bret’ and the Jedi Who Fucks

I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of whether Luke Skywalker boned down, and whom he might have boned down with, regardless of…