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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Post-Orgasm Torture, Delicious Hot Dog Water and Going Gray, the Obama Way

I’ve noticed something interesting recently: I’m going gray.

In fairness, it’s not a total salt-and-pepper takeover. But at the moment, I have somewhere between five and ten gray hairs sprouting indiscriminately around my head. My assumption is, by the end of the decade, I will be full-on gray.

I’m not sure how former President Obama — who recently said that the stress of the presidency “earned [him] his gray hair,” the truth of which we attempt to ascertain here — feels about going gray. I, for one, welcome my gray-hair overlords. It’s working for Jeff Goldblum. And Idris Elba. And Mark Ruffalo, your girlfriend’s boyfriend.

So please, stress: Take my dark brown, almost black hair and give me some gray. I think I’ve earned it.

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The Future is Hot Dog Water

Well, not really. But thanks to a guy named Douglas Bevans and the very real bottles of hot-dog-flavored water he was selling outside of the most recent $400-a-ticket Goop health summit, perhaps a bunch of gullible, goat-yoga going, white-food hating snobs will begin to think so. Miles Klee caught up with Bevans to to learn what’s next for his wonder drink.

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Things Are Going Gray, Thanks

How does one get gray hair? Try being president for eight years (and, you know, actually working instead of playing golf and tweeting on the toilet):

That’s Barack Obama’s excuse, anyways. According to the former president, he freaking “earned [those gray hairs].” But did he? Or was he simply destined for grayness, victim of the slow march of time and the havoc it wreaks on our aging bodies? Here’s what the science says.

Booze is an Unreliable Narrator

You know that great night you had where you drank your face off, everyone was laughing at all your jokes and then you ended your evening chatting up some nice Tinderoni who definitely wants to bang? Yeah, it probably didn’t go down that way.

That’s because alcohol is a sneaky little fucker who tricks your brain into downplaying the bad parts of your night and highlights only the good ones. So in between all your killer bits, you were probably making a total and complete ass out of yourself, and it’s all alcohol’s fault.

Sip on that.