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The Ultimate Summer Movie Guide, the Sweet, Sweet Taste of Sweat and Grilling with Soda

Memorial Day weekend is supposed to kick off summer in most Americans’ minds, but fuck it, the way things are going, we might as well just sleep through the entire season. Because with so many of our typical summer activities shut down, how are we supposed to actually enjoy it? 

I guess we could try experiencing it vicariously through film and music. Especially if our guide is Tim Grierson, America’s favorite film critic. To help you through this sure-to-be bummer summer, he’s kindly assembled both an Ultimate Summer Movie Guide — celebrating the great blockbusters of yore — as well as the hot summer jams first made famous on the big screen (“When Doves Cry” from Purple Rain, anyone?). 

So forget the sun and warm yourself with some nostalgia instead.

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