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A Budtender’s Guide to Mixing Strains

A dash of CBD, a pinch of a strong sativa and a sprinkling of an indica-dominant hybrid could produce the high you’ve always wanted

You’ve been sampling weed strains for a while now and still haven’t found the perfect one. Some make you anxious. Some make you sleepy. Some make you eat all the Oreos in your pantry, which you were supposed to be saving for your lovely girlfriend (sorry, love). 

It’s a real shame, but there’s more you can do, like mixing two separate strains together in your grinder to create a whole new experience. To help you get started, a couple weed experts were kind (or high) enough to share a few of their favorite combinations, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

The Best Blend for Pain Relief

If you’re sore, have a headache or are experiencing any other sort of discomfort, Budtender Awards nominee Matt Trinidad recommends combining Orange Herijuana, a CBD-rich strain, and Casino Kush, a potent indica. Together, they deliver a powerful one-two punch (or relieving massage, rather) to your aches and pains: CBD’s anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects soothe your agony, while indica’s “couch-lock” reaction sets in, helping you forget you were ever hurting.

The added benefit of adding CBD to powerful strains like Casino Kush is that it helps negate any negative side effects of all that THC, like anxiety or simply not being able to function. Even if you’re not a strong believer in CBD, the addition of non-psychoactive flower to your bowl or joint (and therefore, subtraction of psychoactive flower) will at the very least help keep you from getting overly stoned.

Lastly, the two taste damn good together, according to Trinidad: “You get these amazing diesely, earthy pine notes from the Casino Kush and some delicious orange and citrus notes from the Orange Herijuana,” he says.

The Perfect Combos for Energy

If you got a shitty night of sleep or just generally feel like you’re dragging ass, Trinidad says you’re going to need a sativa, stat — Rollins, Jack Herer, Red Headed Stranger and Sour Diesel are among his favorites, and all of them are known for producing a cerebral, creative, energizing boost. The problem is, sativas can sometimes make your brain feel like a ball of foil in the microwave, especially if you haven’t slept and are already on the verge of spazzing out.

So, again, Trinidad recommends adding his trusty Orange Herijuana to your grinder “for a nice, energetic feeling without losing focus and being overly high.” If you can’t get your hands on Orange Herijuana, Harlequin, Ringo’s Gift, Sweet and Sour Widow and ACDC are all good CBD-dominant strains.

The Top Medley for Sleep

If you drank 16 coffees and can’t pass out, Jerad Shooltz, harvest manager at High Life Farms cannabis cultivators, says that “Garlic Mints and Strawberry Guava hit you like 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.”

“You’re watching the Lions lose, the tryptophan is hitting and the couch is calling your name, but so is that last piece of pie,” he says, describing the ultimate sleep this combo brings. Makes sense — they’re both indica-dominant strains known for quashing anxiety and prompting relaxation.

The Finest Mixture for Socializing

If you’re meeting up with friends and need a boost after quarantine made you realize you never want to see anyone ever again, a medley of L’Orange and Strawberry Cough “will get you chatty and feeling good,” says Trinidad. Both are uplifting, sativa-dominant strains known for generating a “happy” high, which he says is perfect for “those who get social anxiety.”

The Choice Fusion for Every Occasion

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Only you can determine the best weed for your needs, so don’t be afraid to play scientist with your strains. “Have fun when you mix your flowers,” says Trinidad. “You’ll be surprised by the experience.”

Or, you may just get really high and forget what you were doing. Either way, it’s good fun.