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The Horny Stoner’s Guide to High Sex

Everything you need to know about fucking and sucking (weed) in one place

Yeah, sober sex is cool, but have you ever milked a bong before plunging into a passionate, zonked-out fuck odyssey? If you’d like to, tune in as we cover everything you need to know about using weed to enhance sex, including what to smoke, how to create a sexy pillow fort and exactly where to put your filthy mouth (besides the end of your pipe, of course). 

The Basics

If you don’t have much experience with weed, no problem — you’ll just have to start slow and do some product testing before the Big Bang. “The best way to do that is to try a small amount of a new product or strain, wait until you can feel the effects and then masturbate,” says Ashley Manta, a sex coach and self-proclaimed “cannasexual.” “That way, you have a direct experience of how it works for you, but without the distraction of having another person present.” 

Once you discover the product and dose of your dreams (remember, it’s much easier to get more high than less high), you can confidently whip it out with a partner.

Not just any partner, though — a partner you’re especially close with. “Marijuana can make people more open with their emotions, so I’d say that it may make sexual feelings more intense,” says sexologist Sunny Rodgers. “For that reason, I’d ask people to make sure they use marijuana with partners that they’re already comfortable with.”

Four Strains to Fuck With — Literally

Again, you’ll have to do some experimenting (i.e., jerking it while getting high), but if you’re not sure where to start, here are some fuck-friendly strain recommendations from our experts:

  1. Blue Dream: Blue Dream is high in a terpene (weed compound) called myrcene, and Budtender Awards medalist Alex Almadova says it has a “high concentration of love.” More specifically, myrcene has been shown to relax the body, and in Mexico, myrcene-rich lemongrass tea has traditionally been used as a sedative and muscle relaxant. So if you need to let loose before a pounding, Blue Dream may be a good choice.
  2. Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel is rich in the terpene caryophyllene, which has long been known to relieve stress, but was recently studied as a potential solution for erectile dysfunction, too. In other words, Sour Diesel may make you into more of a raging sex machine.
  3. Red Congolese: Red Congolese is an African sativa known for its energizing effects, and you know what that means: “You’re gonna be ready for round three and four,” Almadova says. However, if you’re prone to anxiety, a hybrid or an indica may be a safer bet.
  4. Bubba Kush: If you’re not as flexible as you once were, or if you deal with chronic pain, Almadova says a soothing indica should prepare you for even the raunchiest of sexual encounters, and Bubba Kush checks all the boxes.

Remember, these are only a few recommendations, and what works for me might not work for you. “It’s like music,” Almadova says. “We all like a certain flavor.” Plus, many modern strains have been cross-bred, so talking with your dispensary’s budtender is probably the best way to find one that meets your needs.

Edibles and More

If smoking isn’t your forte, 420-friendly erotic model Melody Kush says, “Personally, I prefer edibles before a sexy adventure. It’s more of an all-over body high, which I think pairs well with sex.” The key is munching your edibles 30 to 60 minutes before smanging it. That way, they’ll have plenty of time to kick in.

Another option is CBD or THC lube, both of which are great alternatives for the lovemaker who wants to feel the titillating effects of weed — increased arousal, stronger orgasms and even decreased post-sex soreness — on their naughty bits, but not in their head. (Check out our review of Foria weed lube to see if that sounds right for you.)

The Best Ways to Fuck High

If you’re stoned and on the brink of penetration, but in need of inspiration, Manta recommends you “break out the props” (no not just sex toys). “For the receptive partner, put a big, firm pillow under your hips when you’re on your back, or lie on your side with a smaller pillow between your knees,” she says. “Notice what happens when you let your body relax into these positions instead of treating it like an Olympic sport. The penetrating partner can put some pillows under their forearms so they’re not putting so much pressure on their wrists. If you’re doing it doggy style, have the penetrating partner wrap a towel (lengthwise) around the receiver’s abdomen so they can have more leverage when thrusting.”

Too complicated? Maybe take a card from Kush’s deck instead: “I love sloppy blowjobs when I’m high,” she tells me. 

High Sex Testimonials from the Stoners of r/Sex

Still unsure about stoned sex? Need help coming up with more ways to combine marijuana and sex? No problem. I asked the weed freaks of r/Sex for tips, tricks and advice. Here are some of the naughty (and also totally practical) things they replied to my post with:

  • “I just get high as fuck with my partner and it’s the best sex for me. Got a cottonmouth? Eat her up.”
  • “Smoking weed in the past has made me lose my erection, so I try to avoid that if sex is on the table. Edibles, on the other hand, have made us both feel hornier and the sex has been particularly amazing while high — it seems like we both feel everything a lot more and our orgasms feel stronger.”
  • “For smoking or vaping, I tend to go with an indica or indica-leaning hybrid. There’s a strain called Wedding Cake in particular that’s fuckin’ amazing.”
  • “Lots of slow rhythmic stuff will be best, lots of massaging and rubbing, really slow in/out PIV, lots of oral. Make sure you remember to use enough lube, because I think you might not notice if things are getting dry. And keep a water bottle close at hand because you’ll get cottonmouth, but won’t want to stop to drink.”
  • “I’ve used Foria and Kush Queen THC-infused lube with a partner. It’s… really really good. The trick is to apply it and wait for about 30 minutes while it absorbs.”
  • “Get a vape pen with Sour Diesel or Pineapple Diesel. Don’t do too much, but it’ll turn your penis into a hypersensitive organ. I can feel individual pussy ripples. It’s glorious.”

See you in the Sour Diesel aisle.