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The Best Marijuana Strains for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Make this Thanksgiving extra special by getting high on MULTIPLE different nugs

Weed and Thanksgiving dinner go together like mashed potatoes and gravy. But if you want a feast made for a Kush King, choosing the best Thanksgiving weed strains to pair with each of your Thanksgiving dishes is definitely a good idea. For suggestions, we drafted Weedmaps cannabis culture expert Nicolas Juarez as our weed sommelier. Prepare to get so high you forget what a turkey is.

The Best Thanksgiving Weed Strains for Your Thanksgiving Dishes

The Dish: Turkey and Stuffing

The Strain Pairing: “The turkey and stuffing are the best parts of the Thanksgiving meal, if not the whole day, so I always want to get as much as possible without being disgusting about it,” says Juarez. “So a sound game plan here would be to find a strain with effects that are going to make you hungry and focused. Alien OG does the trick for me. It’s a pretty strong strain with a really pungent, skunky smell, but it makes for a nice, whole-body high that gives me crazy munchies. Caliva’s Alien OG is my go-to.”

Alien OG (Credit: Tyler Holloway, Weedmaps)

The Dish: Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

The Strain Pairing:SFV OG for its long-lasting, heavy-bodied stoniness seems like it makes eating a big plate of mashed potatoes and gravy infinitely more enjoyable,” Juarez says. “The strong, lemon-y flavors with mashed potatoes somehow work for me, but maybe I’m revealing how weird my taste palate is. Old Pal has an affordable eighth.”

SFV OG (Credit: Alex Minkin, Weedmaps)

The Dish: Cranberry Sauce

The Strain Pairing: Pineapple Express, for sure,” advises Juarez. “The pineapple flavor should complement the cranberry sauce. A good batch of Pineapple Express can turn a mood around really quickly, which proves to be helpful during Thanksgiving table talk. STIIIZY has really popular Pineapple Express pods that I enjoy.”

Pineapple Express (Credit: Tyler Hagen, Weedmaps)

The Dish: Green Bean Casserole 

The Strain Pairing: Banjo would be a good pairing here,” Juarez says. “I like Banjo’s sour/citrus flavor, which for some reason I think would be a good counter for a cheesy, green bean flavor. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, but at the very least the pleasant, creative head-high is reliable. Pacific Stone has a really good price for an eighth.”

Banjo (Credit: Gina Coleman, Weedmaps)