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Lauren Vinopal

Lauren Vinopal is a writer and stand-up comedian based out of New York City, who writes mostly about health, science and men. She is the host of the Mid Riff Comedy Show in Brooklyn, a frequent podcast guest all over, and lives the life of a teen who looks like they haven’t slept in years.

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A Sobering Look at How Alcohol Changes Your Face

Even just a few weeks off the sauce can reduce wrinkles, redness, puffiness and lots of other evidence of all those weekend benders

A Sex Playlist Should Start and Stop at Post-Coital Music

Setting the mood isn’t nearly as important as not ruining it after you’ve blown each other’s backs out

What Happens When My Brain Goes into Autopilot Mode?

Why did you just put that banana in the dishwasher? And how did the milk end up in the cupboard? The default network of our brain can make us do some pretty stupid stuff, but it’s all for the greater good