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Lauren Vinopal

Lauren Vinopal is a writer and stand-up comedian based out of New York City, who writes mostly about health, science and men. She is the host of the Mid Riff Comedy Show in Brooklyn, a frequent podcast guest all over, and lives the life of a teen who looks like they haven’t slept in years.

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If I’m Feeling Good, Can I Cancel on My Therapist?

It’s not like I keep a cast on my arm after the bone heals

Can Compartmentalizing Ever Be a Good Thing?

Actually, yes — it’s good to put your feelings aside sometimes. Just make sure you didn’t place them in a locked box that you threw out to sea

What Are the Long-Term Solutions to Burnout?

Sure, vacations are nice. But vacations end, and then you have to return to the very office that made you miserable in the first place. So what can you do to permanently eradicate burnout?