Quinn Myers

Quinn Myers

Quinn Myers is a staff writer at MEL. According to his editor, you can find him "lurking in the darkest corners of the internet."

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The Dads Watching ‘The Irishman’ on Their Phones During Bathroom Breaks

It took Dan, a high school English teacher in Iowa, nearly a week to finish Martin Scorsese’s new three-and-a-half-hour blockbuster The Irishman. The 33-year-old father…

Levi’s vs. Wrangler Was Just the Beginning of the Cowboy Jeans War

Texas journalist Joe Nick Patoski has worn Levi’s 501s since high school. The 68-year-old never wears Wrangler — except when he’s out in the country…

The Unlikely Story of How Competitive ‘Tetris’ Went Viral

In 1990, a 13-year-old named Thor Aackerlund walked into the Nintendo World Championships to compete in Tetris and left a god. He obliterated every previously…