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The Real-Life Father-Son Duo Making Content Together on OnlyFans

Jake Herbert effectively broke the internet when he announced he’d be shooting content with his dad. A few years and couple hundred thousand dollars later, the duo are happy as ever in their taboo little arrangement

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There’s not much you can’t find on OnlyFans. There’s men sucking their own dicks, faithful Christians doing porn, creators cheating on their real-life partners and even fucking their IRL best friends. There are even dudes posing nude with their actual dads — okay, there’s one dude posing nude with his dad.

Back in 2020, England-based creator Jake Herbert effectively broke Twitter when he announced that, yes, he was making naked content on OnlyFans with his biological father. “Me and my dad don’t give a fuck,” the launch tweet read, accompanied by a cropped photo of the pair naked, with Jake facing toward the camera (giving it the finger) and his dad turned away. “Full picture on my OnlyFans,” the tweet continued, followed by a link to his page. He even shared photos of him and his dad from his teenage years as proof that they’re related.

Unsurprisingly, people were creeped out. Comments on Reddit and Twitter bemoaned things like, “This is fucked up,” “I know it’s good to do some father/son bonding, but that doesn’t mean make an OnlyFans together” and “Get the father/son OnlyFans OFF my timeline now.” Others, however, like those on the subreddit r/GayIncestStory, were thrilled. “Hot,” wrote several commenters. “WOW! Two great looking bodies — LOVE those sweet cocks,” opined another.

After their initial stint in the spotlight, Jake’s account was blocked for two weeks in January while under review for rule-breaking — though, as he wrote on OnlyFans when he was finally back online, “What a surprise… I didn’t break any rules.” Still, the hiatus proved fruitful for Jake and his dad, who amassed viral attention again this year when the former announced that they were back on OnlyFans. “FINALLY,” Jake tweeted. “The father and son OnlyFans is back up and running!”

Where once Jake — who’s been doing OnlyFans as his full-time job for two years — was earning between 10K and 12K a month, when his dad joined, his salary skyrocketed to more than 38K. “I knew there were ways to earn much more, I just had to think of an idea,” he tells me via Twitter DM. “My dad’s my best friend and a lot of people would call him a ‘DILF,’ so I thought, ‘Fuck it — Dad, jump in a quick pic with me.’ He couldn’t believe the money that was possible from it. All he did was show his ass, but the internet went crazy.”

Though, as Jake admits, the fervor wasn’t always for the right reasons — not that it mattered. “Obviously, most people were saying how messed up it is,” he continues. “But that’s what I wanted: My page to get attention. It doesn’t matter if they hate me, they still bring me money.” 

Some press is bad press, however. In January, a handful of publications reported that Jake only paid his dad “the odd £100 ($126),” despite earning tens of thousands a month. “He gets a lot more than £100,” Jake explains via DM, adding a crying laughing emoji. “There’s loads of fake news about me. I don’t usually look at what’s posted about me, but when I saw that a few months back, it did rub me up the wrong way.” Jake says he actually gives his dad £100 per photo, explaining in more detail: “We’d normally take three to four pics in about 20 minutes, so that’s £300 to £400 a hit. Then I’d also send our personal videos of him stripping, which I’d give him a few thousand for.”

Although Jake is straight — and has posted the occasional video of himself having sex on OnlyFans — he knows that his primary audience is probably gay guys. “For the average guy, a mum and daughter combo would be so hot,” he says. “So I thought it must be the same for the gay community.” Jake — who used to work as a naked butler in Ibiza — has also posed with his co-workers, but never does anything sexual with the men in his photos (including his dad).

His posts mostly consist of solo photos — close ups of his asshole, various photos of Jake with an erection and sometimes mirror shots — as well as jerk-off videos. When his dad does join, it’s mostly for photos in which they’re partially or totally naked. Occasionally, they rub oil on each other, but they never seem to have erections, which is probably a good thing. There’s also the odd solo shot or video of Jake’s dad, mostly posing naked or working out. As per OnlyFans rules and regulations against incest, this is as steamy as it gets — there’s no sexual touching between father and son.

Fake “fauxcest” porn is big on OnlyFans, though. There are countless accounts that label themselves “mommy and me,” “dad and son” or “step mom and daughter” — though in most cases, neither creator looks old enough to be the others’ parent. Given OnlyFans’ aforementioned rules, these profiles are all almost definitely pretend, but still, fauxcest porn is consistently popular elsewhere, with “MILF,” “stepmom” and “mom” almost always topping Pornhub’s yearly list of top searches. Father and son content isn’t quite as popular — at least in heterosexual spaces — but that just makes what Jake’s doing with his dad stand out more. 

Still, to Jake, it all feels rather non-salacious and matter-of-fact. When I ask him to share some anecdotes about what it’s like shooting with his dad (which they do via self-timer), he remains coy, telling me: “We just pose naked together, and it’s no different to just getting changed in the same room.”

Despite scouring the web for them, I’ve yet to find any other real father-son OnlyFans duos (or any who’ll admit to being real ones at least). Maybe Jake’s stumbled across the final taboo — and a hungry market for it, too.