With ‘Wonder Woman,’ Patty Jenkins Didn’t Just Make the First Good DCEU Movie — She Gave Us an Empathetic Superhero

There was a lot of pressure on a female director to deliver the first major female-driven comic-book film. Jenkins figured it out by telling a story that was personal and aspirational — and with a Diana we really need right now.

Talking to Men About Their Female Role Models Is Still Like Pulling Teeth

Convincing men that women can be their role models is part of a wider battle to persuade them that women are actually human beings, too

Original Sin: The Best and the Worst of Superhero Origin Stories

With great reboots come great retreads

I’m a DIY Wonder Woman Porn Actress

Disclaimer: Literally none of the following links are SFW. Rule 34 is never truer than when applied to movie franchises, and among the most easily translatable…