Tracy Moore

Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL. She covers all the soft sciences like psychology, sex, relationships and parenting, but since this is a men’s magazine, occasionally the hard ones. Formerly at Jezebel.

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The Lost Art of Using the Damn Broiler

Recently, a man did something fairly impressive: ABC 7 political reporter Craig Wall bravely endured 2-degree weather during Chicago’s big freeze-out to cook his wife…

This Century-Old Book Is Still Changing the Way We Eat

There’s a lot of mental voodoo out there for how to make yourself eat less. Drink water beforehand. Snack a lot throughout the day. Use…

A Delicious Cultural History of Throwing Food and Drink at People We’re Pissed At

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means hopes are high the night will be filled with steamy innuendo and romantic gestures. But with high hopes come high…