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Nick Leftley

Nick Leftley is MEL's senior editor, or something like that, it's not entirely clear. He writes and edits stuff, and has been doing so since print magazines were actually a thing. He smells pretty good.

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Playing Through ‘Portal’ and ‘Portal 2’ Back to Back Is the Perfect Quarantine Binge

What better time to play a bleakly funny game about being isolated, imprisoned and quite possibly the last human being left alive?

We Taste-Tested the Papadia, the One Papa John’s Item More of a Monster Than Papa John Himself

Is it an ode to the quesadilla? Merely a slice of pizza folded in half? A half-assed calzone? An unholy fast-food attempt at culinary fusion? We allowed it into our mouths (and stomachs) to find out.

The Adventures of the Low-T.Rex: Cretaceous–Paleogene

It's a T-Rex with low testosterone. That's it.